Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul


Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul

Stay In Four Seasons Istanbul

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul At The Bosphorus is a carefully restored 19th-century Ottoman palace located on the almost picturesque coastline of the Bosphorus, which separates Europe from Asia; It combines the city's architecture, hospitality, and contemporary accommodation. Relax in traditional hammams, spend a quiet afternoon lounging by the outdoor pool and savor the flavors of Anatolia while admiring the minarets and towers rising from the city's unique seaside skyline.

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul At The Bosphorus

Traditional ice skating rink, which has become a tradition against the impressive view of the Bosphorus, awaits families with children and all guests throughout the winter period. Experience both of the Istanbul Four Seasons hotels and enrich your stay with airport transfers, daily breakfast, and much more... Enjoy a peaceful experience in Istanbul's historic city center at the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul, Sultanahmet. Relax in a 19th-century Ottoman palace on the Bosphorus shore at the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus. During your stay at the Four Seasons Hotel, Cab Istanbul Hourly/Daily Car With Driver Service to see the hidden beauties of Istanbul or Private Airport-Four Seasons Hotel Transfer, which is provided with luxury and large size of vehicles that can easily fit your luggage for comfortable transportation, Also depend on your preference you can take advantage of the limousine service during your stay.

5 Star Private Transfers

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul-Old City

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul Sultanahmet is an oasis of privacy in the heart of the old city of Istanbul, a century-old rejuvenated classic hotel is a tranquil haven in the center of Istanbul's old city, in the Sultanahmet district, surrounded by the waters of the Marmara Sea and the Bosphorus. Just steps away from historic landmarks such as the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia, the 65-room hotel offers serene spaces full of charm and professional hospitality from the Four Seasons team of more than 200 people.

Classy Four Season İstanbul Building

Staying in a historical Turkish building, which was a former prison and has been renovated to suit the luxury lifestyle, is an opportunity that does not come every day. Designed by Mimar Kemaleddin in 1918, this building is an authentic example of neo-classical Turkish architecture, with its emphasis on pointed arches, ornate tiles, domes, and towers. Staying at a Four Seasons hotel allows you to experience many of these original elements.

Four Seasons Old City Hotel

Stay İn Four Season Hotel Istanbul Like A Local

Discover some of the old city's secrets through interviews with experts in various aspects, from Ottoman arts to delicious cuisine and the latest trends, and you will appreciate their valuable advice to enjoy an exclusive journey where you discover many local treasures and secrets.

Sunset Scenes Hotel Terrace, from delicious Turkish coffee to stunning views of Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque, enjoy endless options from a hotel rooftop terrace. Old fashioned shopping, from antique treasures to fragrant spices to hand-woven kilims, let us arrange an expert local guide to help you discover the essence of Istanbul at the nearby bazaar and spice market.

More Than 5 Star Hotel

A bright and magnificent world awaits behind the sliding windows and arched doors at the Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet, which shows the attention and respect it deserves to the Ottoman imperial heritage. Enjoy this unique experience designed to make you feel special in every moment and space you live, in from the furniture to the table, from the antique carpets to the quality of the service you receive. The hotel, which was opened in 1996, was built as a prison between 1918-19. Especially in the southwest wing, where the lobby, bar, and reception are located, the original architecture still shows itself with all its authentic and magnificent structure. The hotel, which has been awarded a total of 95 awards to date, was selected as Europe's Best Small City Hotel by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Four Seasons Bosphorus Hotel Spa

Four Seasons Bosphorus Spa & Massage Therapy

A Wonderful Spa & Massage Therapy With the Best Body Care Products in the World

Relieve your tiredness and gather energy for your Istanbul trip thanks to holistic and balancing treatments.

Combining infrared technology with plasma and light, a special device that provides triple effective detox care strengthens the immune system thanks to far-Infrared heat, which makes the sun a source of life, and helps weight loss by increasing fat burning.

  • Massage; Relax and feel good with healing massage options.
  • Regional massage; These concentrated treatments stimulate circulation and improve your appearance.
  • Spa Express; 30-minute treatments that will elevate your look and feel.
  • Exercise; Expert trainers help you reach your ideal body health. Special massages balance and rejuvenate your body.
  • Spa Therapies; Feel alive like never before with our holistic approach.
  • Skin Care; Restore the radiance of your skin thanks to various treatments. Stimulate circulation and nourish your body with only the best oils and essences.
  • Turkish bath; Uncover the ancient secrets of the traditional Turkish bath.

Four Seasons Hotels İn Istanbul

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