Uchisar Attractions / Cappadocia


Uchisar Attractions / Cappadocia

Best Place To watch Hot Air Baloon İn Cappadocia

Uçhisar, the highest point of the Cappadocia region and a place where the most beautiful fairy chimney formations can be observed, is also famous for its stone houses, Uçhisar castle was built around a giant fairy chimney and Guvercinlik Valley. Located 7 kilometers from Nevsehir and on a volcanic tuff plateau, the Uchisar region is one of the highest settlements in Cappadocia, so it is possible to see the whole region from a wide angle accompanied by magnificent views. 

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İmpressive View Of Uchisar Castle

Best Places To Visit In Uchisar

After a nice walk in the charming center of Uçhisar, you can visit the Uçhisar Castle and see it. You can watch the balloon flights at sunrise in the morning or the sunset in the evening in the Uçhisar Castle.

 Uchisar Castle

Uçhisar Castle, which is the highest point of the Cappadocia region and a place where the most beautiful fairy chimney formations can be observed, and which was used as a watchtower at the time, offers magnificent panoramic views to its visitors. From the top of the castle, you can see extraordinary views of Guvercinlik Valley, Avanos, Ortahisar Castle, and Goreme National Park

Pigeon Valley

Guvercinlik Valley is one of the most popular, best known, and impressive valleys of Cappadocia with its nature. Located between Uçhisar and Göreme, the valley takes its name from pigeons. The valley is famous for its beautiful landscapes and pigeons. You can walk through the valley to the hills, watch the valley from the edge of the famous evil eye bead tree, and feed the pigeons here.

Panoramic Observation Terraces

You can watch the fairy chimneys planted on the vast plains of Cappadocia from Göreme and Uçhisar, the most beautiful viewing terraces in the region. The most popular ones among them are the viewing terraces of Goreme, Kızılçukur Valley, Aşıklar Hill, Goreme Open Air Museum, Uçhisar Castle, Ortahisar Castle, and Urgup Temenni Hill. Taking a break from sitting and eating places and watching the beautiful landscapes is also among the best activities to do in Cappadocia.

Tigraz Castle

Tıgraz Castle, which is the second largest castle of Uçhisar, attracts attention with its unique architecture. It was built on a slope of the Güvercinlik Valley that goes down to the ground. The building, which consists of a total of 7 floors, was used as an underground shelter. Since it is one of the rare underground shelters built on the slope, it has become the focus of attention of many travel lovers. There are warehouses, tunnels, cellars, and many rooms in the castle. It is one of the places you should definitely see closely when you come to Uçhisar.

Quran Castle

One of the places you should definitely see when you come to Uçhisar is the Quran Castle. The castle, which was built in the shape of a cone, has great importance, especially for Muslims. Quran Castle was built as a deposition area. In ancient times, papers such as prayers, documents, books, or amulets written in Arabic were thrown into this cone-shaped castle. The reason he was thrown here was to prevent disrespect for religion. Over time, these historical artifacts, which were thrown into the castle and accumulated, were lost. You should definitely add the Quran Castle, which hosts thousands of visitors every year, to your list of places to visit in Uçhisar.


Karakale is one of the places you must visit when you come to Uçhisar. The structure, which managed to stand firm until 1945, unfortunately, suffered serious damage with the removal of the stones by the villagers. Numerous cross-marked tombstones on the western side of the castle were severely damaged. Only the south side of the castle has managed to survive until today. Ceramics from the Late Roman and Byzantine periods were found inside the castle. The most striking part of the castle is the hat section, which has a different volcanic appearance. The reason why the building is called Karakale is that its color is black.

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