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Istanbul Aquarium & Aqua Florya Mall : Visit Immersive Underwater Adventures

Istanbul Aquarium & Aqua Florya Mall : Visit Immersive Underwater Adventures

Istanbul Aquarium and Aqua Florya Shopping Mall: A Must-Visit Sea and Shopping Paradise in Istanbul

Istanbul Aquarium and Aqua Florya Mall offer more than just a glimpse into the depths of the world's oceans; it's a journey through time, culture, and the wonders of aquatic life. A premier destination in Istanbul for families, ocean enthusiasts, and shopping aficionados alike: indulge in the marvels of marine life and a unique shopping experience. Situated along the stunning shores of the Marmara Sea, Istanbul Aquarium offers a captivating journey through the world's oceans, housing a diverse range of aquatic species in meticulously designed habitats. Adjacent to it, Aqua Florya Shopping Mall completes your visit with a wide array of retail stores, dining options, and entertainment venues, making it the perfect destination for a day out. Whether you're a marine conservation enthusiast, a fashion trend explorer, or simply looking to spend an unforgettable day with loved ones, Istanbul Aquarium & Aqua Florya Shopping Mall promises a unique experience. Join us to explore the depths of the ocean and the pinnacle of retail luxury in one magnificent location.

Ensuring seamless transportation both above and below water is crucial for the smooth sailing of your journey. Opt for our VIP transfers to guarantee a serene, effortless journey and allow yourself to concentrate solely on the aquatic wonders that await you. Alternatively, if maximizing your Istanbul travel experience is your top priority, a rental car with driver may be your best option. Whatever your choice may be, Istanbul Aquarium is ready to dazzle and amaze just a drive away.

Istanbul Aquarium: A Journey to Immerse in to Wonders

Istanbul Aquarium within the Sea Side Shopping Mall: A Global Odyssey Beneath the Waves

For those in search of an unparalleled maritime experience within the vibrant precincts of Istanbul, the Istanbul Aquarium, nestled within the Sea Side Shopping Mall, provides more than just visual splendor. This isn't merely a walk through tanks of vibrant fish—it's a meticulously designed voyage that encompasses the world's vast marine ecosystems

İstanbul Aquarium: A Fusion of Engineering Mastery and Ecological Dedication

Perched within the Aqua Florya Mall, the Istanbul Aquarium emerges as an emblem of harmonious convergence between cutting-edge technology, intricate architecture, and steadfast commitment to ecological conservation. Encompassing an impressive 22,000 square meters, this establishment stands tall among the world's largest aquarium entities. Its vast expanse is segmented into a 1.2-kilometer voyage, ingeniously crafted to symbolize a fluid journey that transits through the world's aquatic locales. With 17 thematic zones, visitors are offered a glimpse of diverse marine habitats, each tailored to represent global regions from the placid Pacific realms to the frosty Antarctic frontiers.

The very lifeblood of these zones is maintained through meticulous care. Ensuring that over 15,000 marine inhabitants experience authentic and natural environments requires intricate technological interventions. From temperature to light and water conditions, every nuance is modulated to perfection, simulating environments from various global pockets.

A total of 64 tanks, with the flagship tank boasting a staggering 4.5 million liter capacity, forms the core of this aquarium. Eschewing traditional glass, these tanks employ custom-crafted acrylic panels, prized for their durability and translucency, which offer visitors an unmatched viewing experience.

Beyond the aesthetic allure, the aquarium's underpinning infrastructure, especially its avant-garde filtration system, ensures pristine water conditions, replicating natural environments and sustaining diverse marine species. Sustainability isn't just an add-on for the Istanbul Aquarium—it's an ethos. Their proactive involvement in global marine conservation initiatives, paired with a plethora of educational exhibits, fosters a sense of ecological responsibility, urging visitors to transform into oceanic stewards.

An Expert's Guide to the Istanbul Aquarium 

The Marine Tapestry of Our Planet: Embark upon a meticulously designed 1.2-kilometer expedition encompassing 17 distinctive thematic arenas. Each zone mirrors specific geographies, from the Amazon Rainforest's lush canopy to the Red Sea's coral wonders and the Antarctic's icy enigma. Traverse this route to witness the planet's marine biodiversity.

Touch and Feel at the Interactive Pool: A favorite across age groups, the Touch Pool invites visitors to interact with benign marine denizens. Revel in this tactile experience that beautifully marries education with thrill.

Feeding Time Revelations: Refer to the aquarium's itinerary for the scheduled feeding sessions—a rare opportunity to observe the predatory finesse of sharks, rays, and other sea beings. Accompanied by insightful narrations, these feedings are both entertaining and enlightening.

The Rainforest Realm: Dive into the tropical ambience of the Amazon Rainforest segment. Beyond marine wonders, this section showcases a plethora of terrestrial species, including an array of reptiles and insects native to rainforests.

Immersive Visuals at the Panoramic Cinema: After your marine exploration, recline in the panoramic cinema's comfortable confines. A 6-degree film will transport you deeper into the abyss of marine ecosystems, adding layers to your understanding.

Gastronomy with a View at the Aquarium Restaurant: Culinary delights await at the in-house restaurant. Relish exquisite dishes, all while soaking in breathtaking vistas of the Bosphorus and Istanbul's skyline.

Championing Oceanic Stewardship: The aquarium's commitment to marine conservation shines through its myriad programs. Engage in workshops, attend enlightening talks, or peruse thematic exhibitions to deepen your awareness about marine preservation.

Memories at the Souvenir Store: As your journey concludes, the souvenir store offers a trove of mementos and gifts, ensuring your submarine adventure remains vivid in memory.

Diving into Biodiversity: A Curated Tour of Istanbul Aquarium's Inhabitants

A Polar Beginning: Begin your aquatic odyssey amidst the chilly climes of the South Pole. Here, engage with the lively Gentoo Penguins, creatures celebrated for their vivacious demeanor and signature markings.

Delve into the Rainforest: Within the verdant embrace of the Rainforest section, discover inhabitants such as the Capybara, an aquatic-loving, colossal rodent, and the vibrantly-hued Poison Frogs, deceptive in their beauty. Also, await an encounter with the Red Belly Piranha, a piscatorial wonder recognized for its formidable jaws.

Mysteries of the Mediterranean & Aegean: As you traverse the Mediterranean and Aegean waters, keep a vigilant eye for the elusive Mediterranean eel, celebrated for its intriguing nocturnal activities and captivating life trajectory.

Adventures in Atlantic & Panama: Navigate the Atlantic and Panama domains, home to diverse species such as the uniquely-contoured Guitar Shark, the formidable Sand Tiger Shark, and the elegantly gliding Eagle Ray, among others. Their individual charisma promises an enchanting experience.

Pacific's Colorful Palette: In the Pacific zone, be greeted by the cinematic superstar, the Clownfish. Sharing this vibrant abode are the likes of Sand Tiger Sharks and Cow-Nosed Stingrays, alongside a myriad of other marine marvels.

Amazon's Enigmatic Denizens: As you meander through the Amazon, anticipate a rendezvous with the petite yet captivating Dwarf Caiman Crocodiles.

Gems of the Red Sea: The Red Sea precinct introduces you to the vibrant Trigger Fish, a spectacle of nature owing to its radiant hues and distinct physique.

A Kaleidoscope of Marine Beauty: Beyond these zones, Istanbul Aquarium offers an audience with a medley of unique beings, from the elusive Banggai Cardinal Fish and the sinuous Spotted Garden Eel to the regal Emperor Angelfish and the intriguing Stonefish, among others.

Aqua Florya Mall

Aqua Florya Mall

Aqua Florya mall isn't just a shopper's paradise but also a gastronomic delight. With terraces offering sweeping views, this center boasts an array of cafes and restaurants, each providing a unique culinary experience. From the iconic Starbucks to the local culinary delights of Günaydın Restaurant, Aqua Florya mall promises flavors from diverse cuisines, all set against the backdrop of a grand amphitheater that seamlessly melds with the beach.

Aqua Florya Mall Operating Hours: Open seven days a week, from 10:00 to 22:00.

Highlighting Culinary Excellence Near Aqua Florya

Hak Evrensel Hatay Sofrası: A journey to the streets of Hatay (Antakya), this restaurant promises the traditional flavors of kebab, reminiscent of ancient civilizations, right here in Istanbul.

Beyti Restaurant: What commenced as a humble eatery in Küçükçekmece has transformed into a luxurious dining experience in Florya, accommodating 450 patrons and serving regal flavors.

İBB Florya Sosyal Tesis: Nestled on the Yesilkoy coast, where verdant landscapes meet the azure waters, this 120,000 m2 grove promises delectable tastes, all priced affordably.

Gorkem Kilis Sofrasi: Celebrating the culinary brilliance of Kilis, a gem of Mesopotamian cuisine, expect hospitality and flavors interwoven with respect and tolerance.

Şazeli Florya: Here, gastronomy meets craftsmanship. At Şazeli Butcher & Grill, select from naturally-fed, high-quality meats, and they'll transform it into a culinary masterpiece for you.

Develi Kebap: A legacy of flavor and precision passed down generations, Develi doesn't just stop at Gaziantep cuisine but also showcases selections from the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Central Anatolia.

La Beirut Lebanese Signature Cuisine: Experience a touch of Lebanon in Istanbul. La Beirut invites you to a sensory experience, blending traditional and innovative Lebanese flavors in a sophisticated setting.

Yuksel Balik: Committed to delivering the freshest seafood, Yuksel Balik marries modernity with tradition, ensuring patrons savor the finest marine appetizers.

The Aqua Florya Shopping Center is more than just a retail destination; it's a culinary voyage, promising an array of flavors that cater to both traditional and contemporary palates. Whether you're in the mood for a quick coffee or a lavish dinner, Aqua Florya ensures an unparalleled dining experience.

Guide to Visiting the Istanbul Aquarium

Embarking on a journey through the Istanbul Aquarium is an experience like no other. To ensure a seamless visit, we've collated essential details and offerings provided by this world-class facility.

Operational Hours
Weekdays: 10:00 - 19:00
Weekends & Public Holidays: 10:00 - 20:00

Ticket Pricing for 2024

  • Box Office Admission (Adult): 375 TRY (till april 2024)
  • Online Purchase (Adult): 325 TRY
  • Special Discounts: 300 TRY (For those over 65, Disabled, Veterans, Teachers, and Students)
  • Aquarium+Tutankhamun Exhibition Package (Adult) :575 TRY

Complimentary Shuttle Services

Taksim to Aquarium10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00
Aquarium to Taksim17:00
Sultanahmet to Aquarium10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 13:00
Aquarium to Sultanahmet17:00
Sirkeci to Aquarium10:20, 11:20, 12:20, 13:20
Aquarium to Sirkeci17:00

Important: Shuttle timings are subject to change. We recommend contacting customer service at 444 9 744 for the most updated information and further inquiries.


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