Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel


Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel

 Best  Istanbul Hotel: Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus

Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel is located on the European side of Istanbul. The hotel is located in Harbiye, between Nişantaşı and Taksim, the most popular point of shopping, the hotel welcomes its guests with a Bosphorus view from its lush gardens, a 10-minute walk from Istiklal Street. Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus is the first five-star international hotel and provides high service standards in Istanbul, where the hospitality industry of the hotel 60 years ago revolutionized the hotel world. Istanbul has welcomed travelers from all over the world for centuries and thanks to the Istanbul Bosphorus Hilton Hotel, the city has been able to meet the needs, expectations, and variations of visitors for 60 years. Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus Hotel continues to provide clean accommodation and transportation services, by applying personal precautions. Cab Istanbul, is the best airport transfer service, car with driver, and limousine provider for all Hilton hotels.

Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus/Taksim

Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus Guestes

Popular guests of the Hilton Bosphorus are from different nationalities including Sophia Loren, Louis Armstrong, Grace Kelly, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden, the hotel impressed everyone.

Centrally located surrounded by lush gardens with panoramic Bosphorus views hotel, rooms with private balconies or terraces, and award-winning meals in Lalezar Meyhane, Veranda Terrace-Bar, with Turkish and Ottoman flavors,  Also the best Chinese restaurant in Istanbul Dragon Restaurant and the Indian restaurant Dubb, Just a few steps from Taksim Square, the famous (Independence) Istiklal Street, which is full of night clubs and cafes. Taksim Metro Station is a 10-minute walk away and has easy access to shopping centers and historical places.

Wedding in Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus

Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus Events

The Hilton Bosphorus hotel pioneered many with the distinction of being the city's first 5-star hotel. It is an institution that provides 24/7 service with meeting rooms with Bosphorus view, balcony, and terrace options, from a meeting room for 3-4 people to a giant organization of 3,000 people. Hilton Convention & Exhibition Center, a Ballroom with a capacity of 3,000 people can be preferred for special events, and you can organize by the pool in summer. Hilton Bosphorus gives you the chance to be the hero of an unforgettable fairy tale!

An Istanbul classic, Hilton Bosphorus Hotel, with its location overlooking the Bosphorus and the Asian continent, is another magnificent organization that takes place constantly, wedding organizations! The Ballroom and Fountain Halls, which draw attention with their impressive crystal chandeliers, host wedding and henna nights with their pleasant atmosphere among the greenery. Garden or Hilton poolside, what are the ideal alternatives for outdoor organizations?

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Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Dining

Hilton Bosphorus Food and Drinks

Discover the dining options here to satisfy any craving

Dragon Restaurant-Hilton Bosphorus

The best restaurant where you can try authentic Chinese dishes in Istanbul is Dragon Restaurant at the Hilton Bosphorus Hotel. Regardless of whether you stay here or not, we can say that it is the first choice to taste Cantonese and Szechwan flavors. The wonderful tastes of Chinese cuisine served in the garden of the Hilton hotel make Dragon Restaurant a great option for dinners.

Call +90 212 231 6200 for a reservation.

Best Indian Restaurant Dubb

Dubb Indian Restaurant is waiting for you with all the flavors of Indian cuisine in an exotic atmosphere against the Bosphorus. Dubb restaurant must try Buryany. Rich spices and flavors prepared by Indian chefs are expertly prepared to please your palate. Located on the roof of the Hilton Hotel and boasting Bosphorus views, The Dubb İndian restaurant garden outlet is a great place for al fresco dining in the city center in summer. Lunch and dinner are served at Dubb Restaurant.

Call +90 212 315 6000 for a reservation.

Bogazici Terrace Restaurant

Bosphorus Terrace Restaurant, which offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner, aims to taste mostly Turkish dishes.

Call +90 212 315 6000 for a reservation.

Lalezar Tavern

Who would have thought of a tavern at the Hilton Hotel? With its new concept, the Lalezar tavern serves as a 'Meyhane'. Have your friendly conversations gracefully while sipping your drink.

Lobby Lounge & Bar

Enjoy the unique Bosphorus view from the Lobby Lounge & Bar. Choose from gourmet sandwiches, Turkish desserts, cakes, and pastries. Located on the ground floor and reminiscent of an old Istanbul bar, Lounge & Bar is like a waiting room with its comfortable seating areas.

Hilton Bosphorus Pool Cafe

Experience entertaining moments at the Pool Cafe & Bar elaborated for the enjoyment of the poolside at the Hilton Bosphorus hotel during the summer months. A cold beer or a cold sandwich by the pool will give you a Mediterranean breeze. Enjoy a Mediterranean-themed lunch here. Pool Cafe & Bar is open during the summer months.

Veranda Terrace & Bar

Veranda Terrace & Bar offers the best flavors of Turkish cuisine by professional chefs against the Bosphorus view. The Veranda with its private terrace remains open year-round. With a capacity of 175 people, Terrace & Bar is ideal for private events, parties, and social events.

Call +90 212 315 6000 for a reservation.

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