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Discovering the Top Restaurants in Istanbul

Discovering the Top Restaurants in Istanbul

Savoring Istanbul: A Comprehensive Guide to the City's Best Restaurants

Istanbul's rich history meets modern vibrancy in its diverse culinary landscape, a blend of traditional and contemporary culinary arts. Our expertly curated guide serves as your companion in exploring this gastronomic realm, filled with tender meats, fresh seafood, and aromatic delicacies. Tailored for both seasoned gastronomes and casual diners, this guide highlights venues that embody Istanbul’s unique ethos. Here, meals narrate the city’s historical journey. We present a range of dining options, from time-honored establishments to innovative newcomers, including top picks for restaurants with Bosphorus views and essential Taksim eateries. Over the years, our experience in serving Istanbul's visitors has enriched this guide, ensuring a captivating culinary voyage through a city where every dish tells a story. Embark on this enticing expedition and savor Istanbul's culinary wonders.

Through our longstanding engagement in providing airport transfer and private car hire services to a multitude of tourists in Istanbul, we have frequently been sought after for dining recommendations. Recognizing the challenge posed by the myriad of dining choices whether for local delicacies, kebabs, seafood, or international cuisine, we have assembled a refined guide to Istanbul's top dining venues for 2023. 

Top Istanbul Restaurants with Breathtaking Seaside Views: A Visual Journey

Elite Culinary Excursions: Unveiling Istanbul’s Finest Dining Venues

Embarking on a journey to commemorate cherished moments often leads one towards a tableau of exquisite dining. Istanbul, a city graced with opulent eateries alongside the picturesque Bosphorus, offers a canvas for unforgettable fine dining experiences. Below is a curated list of luxurious dining establishments that epitomize the essence of fine dining in Istanbul.

Fine Dining: A harmonious blend of gourmet cuisine, artistic presentation, and an ambiance of perfection.

Mürver Restaurant: Situated atop Novotel's terrace in Karakoy, Mürver Restaurant offers an invigorating culinary ambiance complimented by panoramic views of Istanbul. The restaurant exudes a lively, warm atmosphere, enriched by its open-fire grill where kebabs and wood-fired delicacies come to life. A special mention is the calamari dish, initially oven-roasted, then grilled, served alongside roasted Aegean herbs. Yılmaz Öztürk, the eminent proprietor, curates the menu under the expert supervision of Mikla’s chief, Mehmet Gurs.

Mikla Restaurant: Nestled on the pinnacle of The Marmara Pera Hotel, Mikla, under the stewardship of Mehmet Gurs since 2005, is a unique milieu where Scandinavian simplicity and culinary methodologies intertwine with traditional Turkish flavors. Mikla, a modern-day representation of Istanbul, introduced the 'New Anatolian Cuisine' concept in 2012, showcasing ingredients sourced from the diverse regions of Anatolia. The wine assortment is globally inspired, embracing selections from France to Chile and Spain.

Vogue Restaurant: Inaugurated in 1997 on the terrace of BJK Plaza in Akaretler, Vogue Restaurant enthralls with an international culinary repertoire against a backdrop of Bosphorus vistas. The ambiance encapsulates simplicity, elegance, and comfort, offering a spectrum of unique dishes from sea bass to baked lamb shanks, alongside a delightful sushi menu.

Spago Istanbul Restaurant: Spearheaded by the globally acclaimed 2-Michelin-starred chef Wolfgang Puck, Spago Istanbul, situated in St. Regis, is a vanguard of the farm-to-table movement. Following the legacy of its Beverly Hills predecessor, Spago Istanbul's magnificent terrace is a noteworthy addition to Istanbul’s flourishing fine dining scene.

16 Roofs Restaurant: Perched on the terrace of the Swissotel, 16 Roofs captivates with its modern, elegant design, providing a serene Bosphorus viewing experience. The venue features an exclusive section accommodating up to 12 patrons, adding a touch of exclusivity.

Zuma (Renowned Sushi Restaurant): With its roots in London, Zuma made its debut in Ortakoy in 2008, and now graces İstinye Park with its extraordinary decor and authentic Japanese culinary offerings in the traditional Izakaya style. Now a global brand with a branch in Hong Kong, Zuma delivers an array of authentic Japanese delicacies amidst a minimalist, welcoming ambiance, solidifying its status as one of Istanbul’s premier dining venues.

Culinary Treasures of Istanbul: Unraveling the City's Best Eateries

Transcontinental Culinary Voyage: Unveiling Istanbul's Prime Waterfront Dining

Istanbul, a city imbued with historical and touristic allure, is encircled by the serene waters of the sea on three flanks, with the majestic Bosphorus demarcating the continents of Asia and Europe. In such an enchanting locale, indulging in a sumptuous meal by the waterfront is an experience par excellence. Below is a compilation of Istanbul’s premier restaurants offering captivating sea views:

Park Fora Restaurant: Nestled in Kuruçeşme on the European side, where verdant landscapes meet the azure waters, Park Fora Restaurant unveils an exquisite journey through the ocean’s bounty. With a legacy spanning four decades, it has become synonymous with the essence of maritime cuisine alongside the Bosphorus. Emphasizing the importance of seasonal consumption, the restaurant celebrates the nuanced flavors of fish, ensuring a culinary exploration that resonates with the rhythm of the seasons.

Ajia Restaurant: Housed within the historic Ahmet Rasim Pasha Mansion in Kanlica since 2004, Ajia Restaurant extends an invitation to a delightful fusion of Mediterranean and global cuisines, against the serene backdrop of the Kanlıca Bosphorus. Awarded the prestigious “Five Star Diamond Award” by the American Academy of Hospital Services, Ajia not only promises an enchanting dining experience but also extends its allure to late-night bar services, breakfast, and brunch offerings. With private sea transportation available six days a week, Ajia’s location amplifies its status among the top dining venues in Istanbul.

Mavi Balık Restaurant: Initially launched as Mavi Yeşil in 1995, the restaurant has evolved into "Mavi Balık," continually enriching the gastronomic realm. The venue’s lounge and terrace, harmonizing with the panoramic Bosphorus vista, provide a sublime setting for both private and corporate dining. Mavi Balık prides itself on offering impeccable service and competitive pricing, where seafood and a plethora of delicious offerings, crafted by master chefs, are presented with utmost hygiene and freshness round the clock.

Sunset Grill & Bar: Perched within Ulus Park since 1994, Sunset Grill & Bar is a revered establishment offering breathtaking Bosphorus views. Renowned as one of Istanbul's most popular and elite “Fine-Dining” venues, its eclectic menu is a testament to global culinary traditions, with a special emphasis on Japanese cuisine through its Sushi Bar. The distinctive bar section within Sunset Grill & Bar augments the dining experience, providing a convivial atmosphere for patrons to revel in.

Aya Fish Lounge: Emerging as a cherished addition to Sultanahmet’s dining scene, Aya Fish Lounge within Aya Sultanahmet Hotel captivates hearts with its seafood repertoire, while also impressing with a variety of meat products and appetizers. Nestled in the heart of Sultanahmet with a splendid view of Hagia Sophia, the restaurant exudes a congenial, homely ambiance, making every dining experience a memorable endeavor.

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The Kebab Connoisseur: Discovering Istanbul's Premier Kebab Establishments

The Turkish kebab, a quintessential embodiment of the traditional Turkish culinary scene, presents a myriad of delectable variations including the renowned Adana and Urfa kebabs, alongside unique iterations like sac tava, cag kebab, testi kebab, eggplant kebab, tas kebab, and shish kebab.

Hatay Medeniyetler Kebab Restaurant: Celebrated for its authentic Hatay cuisine, Hatay Medeniyetler Restaurant, also was known as CZN Burak restaurant, showcases an array of kebabs and desserts. Leveraging the rich food culture of Hatay, it offers a vibrant Anatolian dining experience with a meticulously chosen team. The extensive menu, with 90% of its offerings sourced from the Hatay region, epitomizes the essence of Hatay's culinary heritage.

Çiya Sofrası-Kebap Restaurant: Identifying itself as a haven of lost cultures and forgotten flavors, Çiya Sofrası is a sanctuary for Anatolian culinary treasures. Since its inception in 1987 in Kadıkoy with a modest five tables, it has grown into a coveted venue frequented by international patrons. With separate lounges for kebabs and lahmacun, its diverse menu spans from dry eggplant to stuffed cabbage, emphasizing olive oil-based dishes, appetizers, kebabs, and a delightful array of desserts.

Gunaydin Kebap Restaurant: Incepted in 1965 as a humble butcher shop in Bostancı's Butcher's Bazaar, Gunaydin has evolved into a symbolic representation of the transition from butchery to restaurant culture in Turkey. Today, it stands as a popular restaurant chain across Istanbul, offering a gamut of kebabs, döners, and steaks, serving as a cherished halt for meat aficionados.

Tavaci Recep Usta Kebap Restaurant - Bostanci: Tavaci Recep Usta, known for its classic service and enduring culinary prowess, continues to enthrall patrons in Bostancı. Its expansive venue, rapid service, and proficient staff ensure a gratifying dining experience. While its menu appeals to a broad spectrum of palates, it is particularly revered for its Stuffed ribs, Stuffed lamb, and baked pasta casserole.

Nusr-Et Steakhouse: Since its establishment in 2010 in Etiler, Nusr-Et Steakhouse has become a gastronomic haven for meat enthusiasts in Istanbul. Offering a plethora of beef and lamb dishes, it redefines the meat restaurant culture. Known globally for its iconic salt-sprinkling gesture, Nusr-Et has expanded its culinary horizon to Miami and Doha, introducing the delectable Nusret burger under the Nusr-Et Steakhouse brand.

Aziyade Kebap Restaurant on Pierre Loti Hill: Overlooking the serene waters of the Golden Horn from Pierre Loti Hill, Aziyade Restaurant offers a splendid dining ambiance. As one of the notable eateries on Pierre Loti Hill, it promises a captivating gastronomic voyage with a breathtaking view, embodying a unique aspect of Istanbul's culinary landscape.

Best Turkish Kebab Restaurants

Epicurean Chronicles: Unveiling Taksim/Beyoğlu's Top Dining Havens

Taksim and Beyoğlu, two vibrant districts in Istanbul, host a rich tapestry of dining venues each with a unique culinary narrative. From the Italian allure of Cecconi's and the panoramic dining at 360 Istanbul, to the authentic tavern charm of Asmalı Cavit, the modern Turkish renditions at Neolokal, the cozy camaraderie at Aret's Place, the global fusion at Rika Cihangir, and the Mediterranean haven of Cuma Restaurant—each establishment invites you on a unique gastronomic journey, blending rich flavors with Istanbul's eclectic culture.

Cecconi's Restaurant (Italian Cuisine): Originating from the serene canals of Venice, Cecconi's exudes a contemporary yet classic Italian culinary charm, nestled within the stylish precincts of Soho House. For those with a penchant for refined Italian fare, Cecconi's stands as an impeccable choice.

Address: Evliya Çelebi, Meşrutiyet Cd. No:56, 34430 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

360 Restaurant Istanbul: Perched atop the historic Egyptian Apartment in Taksim, 360 Istanbul unfolds a culinary narrative weaving together global and Anatolian cuisines. Post 10:00 PM on weekends, the restaurant metamorphoses into a lively club, offering a blend of gastronomic and nocturnal adventures.

Address: Tomtom Mah. İstiklal Cad. No:163 K: 8, 34433 Beyoğlu/İstanbul

Asmalı Cavit Restaurant: Concealed within the quaint lanes of Beyoğlu's Asmalımescit neighborhood, Asmalı Cavit is a humble yet distinguished establishment, celebrated as one of Istanbul's premier taverns. The culinary ethos here emphasizes unadulterated flavors, with signature offerings like meatballs, chops, grilled calamari, and liver, each an ode to their devotion to culinary mastery.

Neolokal Restaurant: At Neolokal, the culinary duo of Chef Maksut Aşkar and Erim Leblebicioğlu unveils a modernistic rendition of Turkish cuisine. With a menu that ebbs and flows with the seasons, Neolokal guarantees a fresh, high-quality culinary voyage. The in-house bar, a fusion of opulence and coziness, warrants a visit.

Aret's Place (Aret'in Yeri): Nestled in Taksim/Nevizade, Aret's Place is synonymous with camaraderie, travel musings, and wholesome conversations. A sojourn at this cozy tavern, even for an hour or two, reveals the essence of Istanbul's cherished tavern culture. With a hospitable ambiance and seafood-centric appetizers, it's a haven not to be missed.

Rika Cihangir: Rika Cihangir orchestrates a culinary symphony with notes of Italian, Asian, and Turkish flavors, accentuated by a delightful sushi selection. Open from dawn till dusk, and beyond, Rika promises a gratifying experience irrespective of the hour.

Cuma Restaurant: Situated amidst the antiquarian charm of Çukurcuma in Cihangir, Cuma Restaurant is an epicurean delight. The terrace, offering panoramic views of the Bosphorus and vintage Istanbul, serves as a perfect backdrop for indulging in Mediterranean delights, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Seafood connoisseurs and Italian cuisine aficionados will find an array of enticing options to satiate their culinary cravings.

Savoring Traditions: A Flavorful Journey through Hatay Medeniyetler Restaurant

Morning Culinary Escapades: Unveiling Istanbul's Breakfast & Brunch Spots

Embark on a morning culinary expedition in Istanbul, from the hearty spreads at Van Breakfast House and the serene Bosphorus-view brunches at The House Cafe, to the bustling, fresh fish sandwich hubs of Eminönü and the vibrant, baked potato galore at Ortaköy. Each spot offering a unique slice of Istanbul's rich breakfast and brunch tapestry.

Van Breakfast House (Van Kahvaltı Evi): Serving as a delectable conduit from Van to Istanbul, this breakfast sanctuary offers a cornucopia of morning delights. Not to be missed are the Menemen, buffalo cream, and village cheese. Cap off your meal with kaput, a sweet treat reminiscent of halva.

The House Cafe: A quaint retreat for those seeking a light and rejuvenating start to the day. Relish a delightful meal against the captivating backdrop of the Bosphorus at this enchanting locale.

Eminönü Fish Sandwich: Embark on a seafood sojourn with a warm, freshly-prepared fish sandwich at Eminönü. As you savor this savory fare, let the lively rhythm of the Bosphorus traffic enhance your dining experience. The throngs of both locals and travelers are testament to the allure of these seaside morsels.

Ortaköy Kumpir: Ortaköy, a haven for the baked potato (kumpir) aficionados, offers a bustling canvas of vendors each with their unique take on this comforting staple. Dive into the heart of street food culture, finding your preferred kumpir variant amidst the vivacious vibe of this dynamic neighborhood


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