Ski Resort Antalya/Saklikent


Ski Resort Antalya/Saklikent

Saklikent Ski Resort

Antalya Saklikent Ski Resort is "the hidden city" Turkey's natural beauty reflects its distinct side. Due to its location which is an hour away from Antalya city center, there are several activities are held daily. Visitors will meet with a wonderful track, nature, and weather. This ski resort has a friendly atmosphere and a charming town. Intertwined with nature, Saklıkent Ski Center welcomes many local and foreign tourists each year. Also, you can join the Saklikent ski resort daily tour 


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Saklıkent Skı Center Antalya

İs There Ski Resort İn Antalya

Saklikent Ski Resort is a hidden paradise in Antalya. The resort has 477 detached houses. Pension and restaurant services are also available in the city center. Saklikent's hidden city is very close to Antalya. It is a ski resort that combines two seasons together. Next to the motel, there is a restaurant room with a capacity of 200 people. The bar, disco, and animation service provide quality services to ski resort visitors. Hotels in city centers can also be preferred. There is the possibility to find a hotel for every budget. There are also hotels with different features and prices between Plateau and Ski Resort.

The distance from Antalya to the ski center is 65 km. Saklıkent ski resort is a ski complex consisting of 500 chalets and ski facilities established on the northern slope of Bakırlı Dağı in the Beydağları part of the Taurus Mountains. Saklıkent ski resort, which is one of the closest ski resorts to the Mediterranean Sea and Ecuador, offers quality skiing for approximately 4 months.

Especially at the end of February and March " ski in the morning, swim afternoon" slogan, stands out with the slogan Saklıkent ski resort, thanks to the mild climate, is the highest temperature in our country's ski resort.

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Ski Resort in Antalya

Antalya in Winter Tourism.

In the center, there are four ski tracks, red, black, blue, and yellow, serving professional, intermediate, and amateur skiers for those who want to ski. The red track consists of hard bends and steep slopes. The black track, the upper part of which is connected with the red track, is built on a steep slope and has no bends. The gently sloping blue track is preferred by intermediate skiers. The yellow track is used for training purposes. There is also a toboggan run for those who want to sled apart from skiing.

Those who do not prefer skiing or sledding can try a challenging walk in the snow, and enjoy a sandwich in the open air on the barbecue. Those who wish to leave the cold weather behind can spend a wonderful day by the fireplace indoors, sipping their drinks or watching the view.

There are approximately 500 chalets in Saklıkent, which fascinates those who want to get away from the stress of the city with its unique atmosphere. Apart from this, there are also hostels and hotels. Offering an exclusive holiday experience to its visitors with its comfortable accommodation options, Saklıkent Ski Center strengthens the potential of Antalya in winter tourism.

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