Princes' Islands Attractions / Explore Buyukada


Princes' Islands Attractions / Explore Buyukada

Prinkopos Island

Prince Island (Buyukada), formerly known as Prinkopos Island and the largest of the Prince Islands, draws attention with its natural beauties, pine forests, extremely impressive and colorful redbuds scattered all over the island, historical mansions, and a quiet town location away from traffic chaos. Among the islands, Istanbul is the most preferred island by local and foreign tourists to go and see and spend a nice day. Below you can find information about places to visit on Prince Island popular places, activities, beaches, coasts, restaurants, historical places, and transportation

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Princes Islands Ferries To Buyukada

Princes Islands Travel Guide

When you step into Prince Island, the first thing that will catch your attention is the use of electric vehicles instead of phaetons. After the removal of horse-drawn carriages, interest in the islands increased. Prince Island has two hills, one in the north and one in the south. The name of the southern one is Yucetepe, and the northern one is called Manastır Hill. There are two neighborhoods on the island, namely Nizam and Maden Neighborhoods. Even as you approach the island, you will encounter the view of the island houses. The island's ferry port is located in the main square, where you will see the Clock Tower, which has become the symbol of the island, with restaurants, shops, and hotels lined up along the coastal road. Motor vehicles are not allowed on Prince Island, except for vehicles for public service (Ambulance).

Prince Island Beaches

Therefore, you can easily explore the island by bike or on foot. The island has public beaches as well as beaches that require membership to enter. These; Eskibağ Beach, Halik Bay Beach, Princess Bay Beach, Yorukali Beach, Nakibey Beach, Aya Nikola Beaches. You can enjoy the sea all day long by renting sun loungers and umbrellas on these beaches. 

Explore Princes Islands

History Of Prince Island

Prince Island, which is the center of all Prince Islands districts of Istanbul and also the farthest from the land, was the exile place of the princes in the Byzantine period. It stands out with its two scenic hills, 164-meter-high Jesus Hill and 202-meter-high Yucetepe, as well as the valleys and beaches between the hills. 4.3 km. length and 1.3 km. With its width, it is possible to travel around the island on foot or by bicycle, and electric cars (a kind of shuttle). The history of Prince Island goes back to the 6th century. Byzantine Emperor II. A monastery was built on the island by Justin in 565. The monastery was expanded at the end of the 8th century. After that, the island becomes a place of exile. Princes and statesmen are exiled to the island for reasons such as throne fights and political disagreements. This is where the name of the Prince Islands comes from

Leon Trotsky Was İn Prince İsland

Under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, it became a quiet and peaceful place. Until the Turk's period of 1909. After Sultan II. Abdülhamit's dethronement, most of the officials in the palace are exiled to the islands again. In 1929, the famous Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky was exiled here by Stalin. In 1933, he was assassinated in his home here. Visitors to the island preferred the famous phaetons for sightseeing, but with a very accurate decision, electric vehicles are now serving on the islands as of August 2020.

Best Buyukada Restaurants

Buyukada also hosts the most beautiful restaurants in Istanbul. The island, where unforgettable memories are experienced at the famous raki-fish tables, is the best alternative to escape from the city with its beautiful places: Bistro Candy Garden, Splendid Palace Restaurant, Secret Garden Restaurant, Loc'Ada Restaurant, Akasya Restaurant, Beyaz Bahçe Restaurant, Prinkipo Tavern, Hile Fish Restaurant., Palya Restaurant, Eskibağ Terrace Restaurant, Dilburnu Restaurant, Yücetepe Kır Gazinosu Restaurant, Lunapark Restaurant, Ada Fish Restaurant, There Is This Restaurant, Island Breakfast, Cafe Spitz, Garden Sinek Cafe, Mimoza Restaurant, Kapri Restaurant, By Şükrü Restaurant, Milto Restaurant, Ali Baba Restaurant, Milano Restaurant, Lido Restaurant, Façyo Restaurant, Kıyı Restaurant, Konak Restaurant, Phaeton Cafe & Restaurant.

Best Places To Visit İn Prince İsland

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