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Iconic Luxury by the Waterfront: The Majestic Grand Tarabya Hotel

Iconic Luxury by the Waterfront: The Majestic Grand Tarabya Hotel

Elegance Over the Bosphorus: A Stay at The Grand Tarabya Hotel

Nestled on the enchanting shores of the Bosphorus, The Grand Tarabya Hotel stands as a beacon of luxury and serenity in the vibrant city of Istanbul. With its illustrious history and grandeur, this esteemed hotel has been synonymous with impeccable Turkish hospitality since its inception. The Grand Tarabya isn't just a place to stay; it is an experience that weaves together the threads of comfort, culture, and timeless elegance. As you step into the palatial lobby, the hotel's majestic ambiance is palpable, with its graceful blend of classic and contemporary design. Each guestroom and suite offers a harmonious retreat with stunning views that stretch out over the blue waters of the Bosphorus or the hotel's lush, verdant gardens. Here, every window frames a living masterpiece, bringing the outside beauty into your private haven. At The Grand Tarabya, the essence of Istanbul's cosmopolitan spirit is captured through its world-class amenities and personalized service. From the sumptuous spa treatments in the Turkish Hamam to the gourmet culinary experiences in its fine-dining establishments, the hotel promises an indulgent escape. Whether you're visiting for business or pleasure, The Grand Tarabya Hotel stands out as a premier destination for discerning travelers seeking the best of Istanbul's accommodation. Come, let the journey of luxury and discovery begin at The Grand Tarabya, where every stay is as grand as its name suggests.

Enjoy a 15% discount on luxury airport transfers to The Grand Tarabya Hotel when you book your room. Take advantage of our best room rates and experience the convenience of a daily or hourly chauffeured luxury car during your stay in Istanbul. Book now to travel in style and comfort.

Discover the Location of The Grand Tarabya Hotel: A Gateway to Splendor

The Grand Tarabya: An Icon of Five-Star Splendor by the Bosphorus

Perched regally on the shores of the Bosphorus, The Grand Tarabya Hotel is not merely an accommodation but a landmark of luxury, ranking among the top three five-star hotels in Turkey. Founded in 1966, this prestigious hotel has been reborn under the meticulous care of Bayraktar Holding in 2014. Within the last five years, The Grand Tarabya has proudly joined the ranks of The Leaders Hotels of the World, a prestigious consortium renowned for setting the gold standard in global hospitality.

With 168 opulent deluxe rooms, 80 refined suites, and a palatial king suite, The Grand Tarabya provides an unrivaled lodging experience. The hotel boasts a 4,500 square meter spa sanctum, offering awe-inspiring views of the Bosphorus and 30 full-service, upscale hotel apartments, catering to those seeking the quintessence of five-star service and comfort. Ideal for extended stays, The Grand Tarabya invites guests to immerse in a five-star lifestyle against the backdrop of Istanbul's most exclusive address.

Unrivaled Leisure Awaits at The Grand Tarabya, Istanbul’s Premier Holiday Hotel

On the edge of the Black Sea, The Grand Tarabya stands as a luxurious haven, perfect for business excursions, tranquil weekends, or indulgent spa retreats. This esteemed hotel embodies elegance, from its sophisticated decor to the exceptional cordiality of its staff. Renowned as a bastion of Istanbul’s affluence and grace, The Grand Tarabya elevates every visit with its traditional afternoon tea rituals and magnificent wedding venues. Here, guests can savor the quietude away from the city bustle, enveloped in the hotel’s sumptuous ambiance.

Venturing into the heart of Istanbul for a shopping spree, a holiday retreat, or simply to bask in the city’s unique charm? The Grand Tarabya extends the convenience of chauffeured car rentals for its esteemed guests, ensuring seamless connections for sightseeing, shopping excursions, and business engagements. Indulge in the hotel’s holiday village ambiance while staying connected with our dedicated services. To make your experience even more effortless, follow us on social media for the latest updates and offerings.

Discover the Proximity of The Grand Tarabya to Istanbul Airport

Considering the distance from Istanbul Airport to the serene retreat of The Grand Tarabya Hotel? Rest assured, your journey will be swift and comfortable. Please inquire with our concierge for precise travel times and arrange your exclusive transfer service, guaranteeing a seamless continuation of your luxury experience from arrival to departure.

Discover Elegance by the Waters: A Luxury Istanbul Hotel Overlooking the Bosphorus

The Grand Tarabya: Unparalleled Elegance in Rooms and Suites

Immerse yourself in the ultimate blend of luxury and homely comfort within the walls of The Grand Tarabya's privileged rooms and suites. Each is a sanctuary of tranquility, offering panoramic sea views and designed to echo the comforts of home while framing the majestic Bosphorus. Craft your perfect luxury getaway, nestled in the optimal location for dreamy sojourns alongside the Bosphorus, complemented by five-star accommodations. Enhance your exclusive stay by booking your private transfer now and receive an additional 15% discount for a truly privileged holiday.

Therapia Spa at The Grand Tarabya: A Sanctuary for Wellness

Therapia Spa at The Grand Tarabya, named for the very essence of 'therapy,' provides a rejuvenating haven for both body and spirit. Spread over 4500 m², the spa is a retreat designed to dissolve your daily stress, offering a spa experience that transcends the ordinary with its bespoke treatments and care. Revel in the spa’s private garden and sequestered spaces, perfect for serene moments alone or shared. Paired with panoramic views of the Bosphorus, the spa facilities at The Grand Tarabya showcase just one of the hotel's many unique attributes, dedicated to the well-being of its guests.

The Grand Tarabya: The Epitome of Turkish Hospitality and Elegance

The Grand Tarabya is more than a hotel; it is a gateway to an experience where Turkish hospitality meets world-class service. Every facility is carefully curated to ensure that your stay in Istanbul is nothing short of memorable. The hotel elevates every aspect of your visit with suites and rooms offering sweeping sea vistas, venues for meetings and events that boast stunning sea views, and the very essence of luxury living. Breathe in the fresh air by the Bosphorus and revel in the sophisticated ambiance that The Grand Tarabya provides. Here, with the Asian continent in view across the Bosphorus, you can escape the city's crowds and find a sense of tranquility that feels a world away from the urban rush.

Bosphorus Views from Spacious Rooms at The Grand Tarabya

The Grand Tarabya's spacious rooms are havens of comfort, where exemplary service meets meticulous design to satisfy those who desire a special touch to their stay. With vistas of the Bosphorus or the marina available from nearly every room, you’ll be constantly reminded of Istanbul’s enchanting charm. Indulge in the unforgettable memories waiting to be made as you inhale the sea breeze from your room's expansive balcony.

After a mesmerizing sunset viewed over expertly mixed cocktails from the hotel bar, savor the culinary excellence of Turkish or international dishes at our restaurant. Unwind with a choice of massages at the Therapia Spa, or take a dip in our pool with a view. And for your business engagements, our meeting rooms with Bosphorus views offer an exceptional backdrop, ensuring every meeting is not just conducted but experienced.


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