Galata Bridge & Fish Restauarnts


Galata Bridge & Fish Restauarnts

What İs İn Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge is the bridge connecting Karaköy and Eminönü districts on the Golden Horn. One of the period bridges, known as the Galata bridge, connecting the two central areas of the Golden Horn, has been rebuilt many times. The surface of the bridge is 42 meters wide and has a 3-lane road and a pedestrian path in all directions. There are dozens of fish restaurants under the bridge on both sides, this impressive part was opened in 2003.

Galata Bridge restaurants add beauty to your evening with a unique view of Istanbul evenings and live music from many venues. During the day, you can enjoy the freshest fish at many fish restaurants under the bridge, accompanied by the lively ferry services and the unique Bosphorus view.

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Things To Do Around Galata Bridge

Leonardo da Vinci Version Bridge-Galata

"Galata Bridge" was built in 1845. This bridge was renovated in 1863, 1875, and 1912; Galata Bridge, the symbol of the city, burned down in 1992 and its name was changed to "Historical Galata Bridge". The first attempt to connect the two sides of the Golden Horn was built in 1827 with the bridge built on 500 meters long pontoons. It was in the time of Beyazit. Galata Bridge, which was completed and put into service in December 1994 and is in service today, is a scale bridge with a length of 490 meters and an 80-meter part that can be opened. It is one of the rare bascule bridges over which a tram passes in the world.

According to the earliest records, the first bridge over the Golden Horn was built by Justinian I. in the 6th century. Byzantine historians say that the first bridge over the Golden Horn was built in the 6th century. It writes that it was built by I. Justinian and that its name was Agios Kalinikos Bridge. Although its exact location is not known, this stone bridge consisting of 12 arches is estimated to be between Eyup and Sutluce.

1502-1503 was going to build the bridge from the first to be talked about. First attempt for Galata Bridge II. It was built during the Beyazit period. Sultan II. Bayezid asked world-famous architect Leonardo da Vinci for a design. Leonardo da Vinci presented a suspension bridge design to Sultan II. Bayezid. The placement for the Golden Horn is 240 meters long and 24 meters long. system look back in. The idea of switching after a while was shelved until the 19th century.

Walk on Galata Bridge

Galata Bridge Fish Restaurants

You can take a walk on the Galata Bridge, which has become one of the most iconic symbols of Istanbul, to have a fun time, have a pleasant breakfast, lunch, and brunch in one of the restaurants, or use it for an unforgettable dinner. There are more than 40 restaurants located on the Galata Bridge. Some of these places are alcoholic and some are non-alcoholic. The fish restaurants on the Galata Bridge also serve breakfast.

  • Maxigala Restaurant-Galata Bridge & Bar (Phone:0212 511 16 66)
  • Galata Balık Restaurant-Galata Bridge(Phone:0212 528 95 43)
  • Sirena Pub & Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 519 11 63)
  • Imperial Galata Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 292 62 15)
  • Saray Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 243 89 85)
  • İstanbul Balık Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 293 23 46) 
  • Marmara Balık Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 243 26 00) 
  • Neptün Balık Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 243 35 55) 
  • Olympos Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 243 82 54)
  • Ustad Bar & Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 252 99 64)
  • Star Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 243 88 82)
  • Yaka Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 527 38 89)
  • Sembol Balık Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 527 83 33)
  • Yıldızlar Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 528 92 48)
  • Zeno Cafe & Bar-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 292 80 62)
  • Beyaz İnci Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 526 09 89)
  • Eminönü Balık Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 528 82 08)
  • Aruna Cafe & Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 511 47 70)
  • Gala Life Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 243 95 75)
  • Haylaz Cafe & Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 243 98 92) 
  • Marinero Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 520 10 80)
  • Mio Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 243 95 01)
  • Osmanlı Balık Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 522 09 48) 
  • Sanat Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 519 53 41)
  • Kupa Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 252 99 62)
  • Galapera Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 252 85 51)
  • Vezenan Cafe & Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 292 77 17) 
  • Yunus Balık Evi (Phone:0212 519 85 91)
  • Altın Balık Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 251 62 54)
  • Balık Noktası Restaurant-Galata Bridge (Phone:0212 526 66 33) 
  • Cansın Balık Ekmek-Galata Bridge(Phone:0212 528 95 80)
  • Dersaadet Cafe & Restaurant-Galata (Phone:0212 292 70 01) 

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