Marmaris Attraction Places


Marmaris Attraction Places

Bets Places To Visit İn Marmaris

Places to visit in Marmaris are unlimited. Marmaris offers a wide range of impressive attractions for holidays. With its corners of paradise, impressive places, bays, natural beauties, villages, ancient cities, and national parks, there are many places to visit and see in and around Marmaris.

The one-week holiday will not be enough to explore Marmaris and see its natural beauties. We think you will come back to Marmaris for this reason. One of the best ways to visit Marmaris and discover the hidden beauties is to attend Marmaris' daily tours.

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Marmaris Travel Guide

Popular Beaches in Marmaris

Here are some of the most preferred accommodation areas in Marmaris, including Siteler and Armutalan. The famous Uzunyali beach area is also in the center of Marmaris. The center of Marmaris is the popular meeting point on the beach, Ataturk statue on the east side of the Historical City Center, Marmaris Pier and Port and Marmaris Netsel Marina, the west side of the coastline and beach area Marmaris Public Beach, Uzunyali Beach and walking paths, accommodation centers it can be called Armutalan regions.

Icmeler is the most preferred holiday destination for those who want to stay calm after spending life and activity in Marmaris. Icmeler is approximately 8 km from Marmaris. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations. It's a great choice for those who want to spend a holiday in a quieter place compared to other lively cities. There are many activities and sights to visit in Icmeler. Then comes the Turunc region. Turunc is around 21 km from Marmaris. It is one of the famous holiday destinations in Turkey. Turunc is a good choice for those who want a quieter holiday in a beautiful bay at the foot of the green mountains. Turunc has plenty of activities and places to see.


Marmaris Holiday Resorts

In addition, there are many holiday resorts in the magnificent bays in the area about 50 km around Marmaris. Some of these cities; Hisaronu, Orhaniye, Selimiye, Bozburun and Akyaka. Kumlubuk, Ciftlik, Sogut, and Turgut which are located in small bays. If this is not your first visit to the city of Marmaris and you are looking for a special and quiet holiday, you can try one of these resorts.

There are many great places to visit in the areas around Marmaris City, which is about 50 km away. Visitors can also rent a car or take daily tours, to go to these beautiful places that have magnificent views. These include Marmaris Castle, Gunnucek Fortress, Yalanci strait, Paradise Island, Cleopatra Island, Cleopatra Beach, Kizkumu Beach, Dalyan, Bayir Village, Turgut Village, Karacasogut Waterfall, Bordubet Bay, and Gokova Bay.

Recommended places to visit in Marmaris City: Marmaris Castle, Archeology Museum, Kizkumu Beach, Kleopatra Island, and Dalyan Beach. Marmaris Castle is within walking distance from the center of Marmaris City. For other places, you can go by car or on daily tours.

Marmaris Resorts

Marmaris Castle and Archeology Museum

It is believed that Marmaris Castle was first built during the Ionian period (1044 BC) and later renovated during the reign of the Great Alexander. Later, the castle was renovated by the Ottomans in 1522. Marmaris castle has 7 closed areas. Two of them are arranged as Archeology halls and one of them is arranged as an ethnographic hall. Marmaris Castle fascinates its visitors with its magnificent view. It is undoubtedly a beautiful excursion for day and night visitors.

Marmaris Archeology Museum is located in Marmaris Castle. There are seven closed sections in the Marmaris Museum. Two of them serve as Archeology halls and one as an ethnography halls. The remaining sections are used as art galleries and warehouses

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