Antalya Kaleici (Old City) Attractions


Antalya Kaleici (Old City) Attractions

Things To Do İn Antalya

Kaleici, Antalya's colorful neighborhood built on the shores of the sea, is famous for its narrow streets and old houses, Kaleici is indispensable for short-term Antalya excursions. The beauty of Kaleici; The movement of the streets continues in all seasons, while visitors here come from the historical beauties of Antalya and the warmth of its coasts. This article is for those who cannot stay for a long time in Antalya or who do not know where to start in Antalya:

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Hadrian's Gate (Three Gates)

Hadrian Gate 

Hadrian Gate was built in 130 AD due to the arrival of Emperor Hadrianus to Antalya City. Hadrianus Gate is located on Atatürk Street on the walls surrounding the ancient harbor. Hadrian’s Gate is the most important point of entry to Antalya-Kaleici. Also known as the Three Doors, the building is one of the best-preserved and iconic historical monuments of Antalya.
Time, the city walls were not used for many years as they closed the outer part of the gate and thus it has survived until today without degradation and destruction. There are 3 door openings with round arches. All of the columns are made of white marble and are decorated with magnificent carvings and reliefs. There are 2 towers on both sides of the gate. The Julia Sancta Tower in the southern part is from the Hadrian period. It has the appearance of the Roman Hall of Honor with its three-eyed entrance rising on four legs and its double-facade architecture adorned with columns. There were probably statues of emperors and their families in that era, but none of them survived. 

Pamfilya Gate 

Pamfilya Gate is the most beautiful gate in the region and carries the traces of all the civilizations in that region with its architectural elements. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Antalya City. The three-eyed gate has a Latin inscription. Corinthian-style decorated marble columns, the statue of the emperor and his family on the door, only the inscription has survived to the present day. Finally, in the 1960s, the known historical gate was reconsidered. Marble corinthian columns and corinthian capitals were replaced by pyramidal columns extending to the cornices on the sides of the three front gates that appeared before 1960.
The marble door was restored from the damage that happened during this restoration, and the missing pieces were rebuilt as original and carefully placed. Among the series of renovations, the old Aspendos Theatre was restored by Ataturk's order, and three gates were added. That added great value to the historic city and made it as it seems today. In fact, the central arch of the gate is used for the passage, first, the stairs are advanced and again the stairs are climbed again by pressing the historical stone pavement. It is not known whether this staircase existed in the 130s. Despite all its splendor, you will feel it is a little bit buried. The suspicion of the height of the arches could be better understood if you entered and exited the ground level of this gate

Hadrian's Gate-Antalya

Antalya Old City

An old city within the borders of Muratpasa, one of the 5 central districts of Antalya. The curved and narrow streets of Kaleici, where you will feel like you have gone on a journey in the past, almost take you away. Its horseshoe-shaped walls turned to the Mediterranean and hosted many civilizations. Sometimes it was a shelter for pirates and became famous as a pirate harbor.

In order to understand the history of Kaleici, one should look at the history of Antalya. İt was located on the borders of the Ancient Pamphylia region. King of Pergamum  It was founded by Attalos and took the name Attaleia. Kaleici started to grow rapidly within the body of the Pergamon Empire. Although it was home to pirates for a while after the collapse of the Pergamon Empire, it became a shining settlement when the Roman Empire took over the city.

Kecili Park and Observation Terrace

From Hidirlik Tower to Mermerli beach, continue to Kecili Park so that you can see another sea view park of Antalya and take pictures of the marina from the observation terrace.

Kaleici Marina

When you turn right from Mermerli beach, you can see Kaleici Marina. The marina is the most place to enjoy Antalya every season. You can go for a walk around the marina and then stop at the cafes and restaurants lined up at the top and along the coastline. The vitality of Kaleici Marina never stops, the entertainment is completely unique

Best Places To See İn Antalya

Antalya Toy Museum

Another place to visit in Kaleici is the Antalya Toy Museum which was created under the supervision of Turkish author Sunay Akin. The museum was opened in 2011 and has exhibited nearly 3,000 toys from the 1860s to the present. The museum is the fifth-largest Toy Museum in the world. You can visit the museum from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 18:30 every day except for Monday.

Kaleici Boat Tours

Another activity to do when you come to the marina is to join in boat tours. You can watch Kaleici from Antalya sea with hourly or daily boat trips to Kaleici. Daily tours take about 6 hours on average and leave the port of Kaleici, Konyaalti, and Falezler and stop at points such as Calticak.

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