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Altindere Valley National Park Trabzon

It is located within the borders of the Trabzon province of the Black Sea Region. In 1987 it received the national park status. The area is about 4,500 hectares. Sumela Monastery and its geographic structure, vegetation and living animals in it constitute the resource value of the Altındere Valley national park.

altindere valley

Important note: After the influence of the coronavirus, we get a strong desire to live in the northern region of Turkey (Black Sea).
In these regions where oxygen adds value to life, the disease is at a minimum or not at all.

The monastery is located on a slope, at an altitude of 1300 meters. The spread of Christianity is also the most basic example of structures built in difficult places for the safety of priests. It is known that it was built in the 4th century... The valley with steep slopes ensures the continuity of the herbaceous and woody vegetation of the Region with the life of Altındere valley.


Uzungol is one of the most popular destinations of the lake tourism in Turkey. An excellent choice for those looking for peace of mind


Uzungol, which attracts the attention of local and foreign tourists with its natural beauty, continues to be one of the frequented tourist spots with its activities such as hiking and paragliding. The first settlement in this region, which was formerly known as Saraho, is seen in 1650. Today it is connected to the Chaykara district of Trabzon.


How is Climate in Uzungol

The lake is formed by the rocks falling from the slopes blocking the Haldizen Creek. The town takes its name from the lake. The common Black Sea climate prevails in the town. It has quite frequent rain, including the summer months, and has the typical highland weather, which is quite cool even in the summer.

weather in uzungol

Accommodation in Uzungol

If you want to stay in Uzungol, accommodation is quite large; apartments, motels, bungalow houses, hotels, and hostels are spread around the Uzungol lake. However, especially in the summer with the cool highland air that attracts so much attention that it is not easy to find a place.

Chall Cave Trabzon (Çal Mağarası)

A stream that is active throughout the year flows through the Chall cave, which is also considered one of the longest caves in the world. Within a rock block, Cal Cave is 5 km from Duzkoy District of Trabzon Province.

1050 m from the sea to the south. It is located in the neighborhood of Chall village (Çal köy). The entrance of the cave at the exit of the underground water canal is wide and changes as it moves. The cave is divided into two branches at 200 m. The left arm is approximately 150 m. In the room at the end of this column, there is an active chimney of the water coming from the pit.

cal cave

The accessible part of the right arm is about 400 m, with a small waterfall and pond at the end. 4 km. The length of the cave in 2003 with the opening of tourism welcomes many visitors per year. On your daily visits, you should see a region that will attract tourists from all seasons with the beautiful service of the recreation facilities, the natural wonder forest around it, the magnificent natural stalactites and stalagmite forms of Camili Nature Park, the deep waters, waterfalls, and lakes reaching to a depth of 1.5 meters from time to

Boztepe Trabzon

boztepe trabzon

Located about 3 km from the center of Trabzon, the hill satisfies your eyes with all the clarity of the magnificent view of Trabzon. The landscape that allows you to watch the city from the hill, allows you to breathe the air of the Black sea. Here, you have a chance to watch Trabzon and the wave of the Black Sea, Especially in the region recently developed by the influx of foreign tourists, it is not possible to find rooms in hotels almost in the summer. Here is Trabzon hill to visit, if you want to explore the Black sea coast.

Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum

Hagia Sophia, a monastery built by King Manuel between 1250-1260, means Wisdom. After Trabzon was conquered by Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror in 1461, the pulpit and muezzin mahfil were added and the building was converted into a mosque by the Sultan.

uzungol hotels

Julian Bordier, who came to the city in 1610, reported that the building converted into a mosque was left empty and used for worship. The building, which was closed for a long time, was repaired to the Greek masters with the money collected by the Muslim community in 1865, but it was used as a warehouse and military hospital after the invasion of the Trabzon by Russians 

After the war, new figures were added to the exterior of the building, which was used as a mosque until 1960. Between 1957-62, it was restored by the Russell Trust, a member of the University of Edinburgh, and delivered to the General Directorate of Foundations. In 1964 it was turned into a museum.

Palovit Waterfall

Palovit Waterfall in Kachkar Mountains National Park is one of the highest waterfalls in Rize. This famous waterfall in a lush forest, Waterfall always foaming. Palovite can be viewed from a high point in the rocky location. The road from Chamlıhemshin (çamlıhemşin) district of Rize first reaches the historical Shenyuva (Şenyuva) stone arch bridge and then to Zilkale. After the historic castle, which has controlled the valley for centuries and restored in recent years, the cobblestone route runs from one bridge to the opposite side and reaches the top of the fountain.

palovit waterfall

This natural wonder located in an extremely untouched area cannot form a large pond despite its strong bed. The inevitable waters of the Palovit Creek flow after creating waterfalls, creating witch cauldrons.

Ayder Plateau

Ayder Plateau is the most popular plateau of recent times with its thermal springs and unique natural beauties. Plateau is far 19 kilometers from Chamlıhemshin (Çamlıhemşin). The region an altitude of 1220 meters, You can find a lot of hotels and facilities for all budgets.

trabzon daily tours

Kavron Creek passes through the plateau, which is an oxygen tank. Gelintulu Waterfall, which you can watch in Ayder, creates a beautiful view even if it is a bit far awayToday, the most popular center of Rize is Ayder,  the starting point of the climbing from the north of the Kachkar Mountains.

For accommodation, there are many options from bungalow houses (mostly) to highland houses, from family pensions to the hotel. The plateau, which has completed all kinds of infrastructure services, has become like a holiday town at high altitudes. It is known for its rich flora and diversity of animals. Ayder Honey is one of the natural tastes that must be tasted in the plateau.

Zilkale ( Zİl Castle)

Its Old name is Zir Castle which means "down castle". It is estimated that the castle was first built with a wooden structure in the 5th century. The stone-paved castle was built in the 13th century. It was used as a watchtower against the dangers from the east during the Byzantine period.


During the Ottoman period, it served for many years to protect the eastern road, which was important in terms of trade and military, and the placement of commercial Caravans. When you climb to the castle, which is 700 meters above sea level, the view you can see, can cause your heart to hit. There is a breeze that caresses your soul. There are wooden benches and tables for you to sit against the view.

Menchuna Waterfall (Mençuna şelalesi)

As a result of a natural formation, Menchuna Waterfall is located in the Arhavi district of Artvin. Just one of the numerous beauties on the Black Sea. We have no doubt that the waterfall will be able to fascinate you with its beautiful style. The white foams created by the water flowing over the black rocks offer a visual feast. The waterfall can be defined as 2 parts as upper and lower parts. At the bottom, the water flows from a height of about 10 meters and is divided into two branches. The upper part flows from a height of about 80 meters.

mencuna waterfall

The foams formed by the flow of water hitting the rocks below and the resulting image almost hypnosis you. The more you look, the more you come. At the bottom of the waterfall on the opposite side of the waterfall made for the suspension bridge adds a different aesthetic, a separate beauty.

So when should we visit this waterfall?

After the snow melted, that is to say, April - May, the water flows very violently. This time the waterfall is certainly more beautiful. In addition, festivals are held here on Sunday after the 15th of May each year. So the best date to visit here in May.  Check private car with driver service to see these beautiful places

Black Lake-Artvin

Karagol in Borchka is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. It was formed as a result of a landslide near Klaskur Plateau. It has an area of ​​368 hectares. For nature lovers, we recommend you to see the most beautiful lake in our country.


You can climb to the platform on the lake and throw your bad energy in a snap. The lake, which is within the scope of the natural park, increases the number of visitors due to the abundance of social services. It is 26 km away from Borchka (Borçka) District of Artvin and 60 km away from Artvin and 63 km away from Hopa.

Giresun Castle

Giresun Castle is one of the important castles that carry the past to the present day. In this context, Giresun is among the iconic works. Although there is not much to remind us of the old fortress today, Giresun Castle was built by Farnakes, the son of King Mithridates of Pontos (190 169 BC) and named Farnakes.

Later, the city was invaded by the Romans (63 BC) and took the name of Giresun (Kerasus) which has been used since ancient times. XIII. In the Italian nautical maps of the 19th century, the city was named Chirizonda, the names derive from this. In the area where the castle is located, there is not much left except the castle ruins.

giresun castle

However, there are many visitors who come to watch the landscape as a result of the panoramic view of Giresun and spend time in the establishment in the region. If you ask a question where I can watch the best city view of Giresun? The Castle may be the best place to meet your request. There is a viewing terrace in the area where the castle is located. Giresun Castle is located at a point that gives people peace in terms of its green area as well as its historical texture. You can also eat or drink in the cafes and restaurants in the area.

Kuzalan Naturel Park

Kuzalan Nature Park, which is one of the areas that best reflect the magnificent nature of the Black Sea, is located in the Dereli district of Giresun. At the point where Black sea vast green and wonderful creeks meet, it attracts great attention in Blue Lake ( Mavi Göl), which is located in a natural park with wonderful views.

kuzalan waterfall

Although it is difficult to get to the region, you understand that it will be worth it when you reach it. Most of the trees in the natural park have reached several meters high.

Soda water can be drunk in the park and comes directly from its source. In addition, travertines formed by this source are worth seeing. Kuzalan Nature Park landscaping continues to increase after the discovery. The natural park, which we think will provide easier transportation with the road works to be done in the coming years, is also worth to go with its natural state.

Blue Lake Giresun

Blue Lake located in the Kuzualan nation park Dereli region, it is approximately 20 kilometers away from Giresun city center. However, due to the beauty of the city center has become much more popular. Those who come to Giresun must-visit Dereli district and Kuzalan park.

blue lake turkey

The most original part of the natural beauties here is the Blue lake. Mineral water lake, which consists of 3 lakes, is the first and only carbonated water lake in the Black sea region. Therefore, the importance is even greater. There are waterfalls and travertines in the region. There are various kinds of plants. It is one of the most visited spots by botanical photographers.

For this reason, it is possible to come across people who try to take the plants with professional photos in their hands. Those who consider the Black Sea tour must add this rare park to the list of excursions. The color of the lake is quite clear. The heights of the waterfalls and travertines can also reach 800 meters in some places.

Seven Lakes National Park (Yedigoller)

Yedigoller is a brand rather than a place in Bolu. Yedigoller, located in a huge area between Bolu and Zonguldak, has been under protection since 1965. Located in a hilly area close to Istanbul in the west of the Black Sea, you will notice the national park after you pass the Bolu tunnel and turn towards Abant.

seven lakes bolu

Seven lakes, which can also be called landslide lakes, are like seven different paradises with a diverse ecosystem. The seven lakes of Bolu give the atmosphere of a forest underwater. An opportunity to breathe if you have a routine crowded metropolitan life. The energy needed to get away from all the negative effects stands in the seven

Golcuk Nature Park Bolu

At an altitude of 1220 meters from the sea, the Lake of Golcuk is an artificial lake. For those who do not know ( Golcuk not district of Izmit), it has taken from small ponds. It has similar structures with Lake of Abant in general and is closer to Istanbul.

golcuk nature park

The best thing to do in Golcuk Nature Park, where there is no car, plenty of oxygen, and clean nature, is to walk calmly. The area around the lake is 1360 meters and you can walk the entire tour with pleasure. Hiking is the best option. The walkway made of cobblestones, the long cypress trees on the right, the view of the lake, is really perfect.

Kartalkaya Ski Resort

With its nature, green forests, lakes, mountains, and plateaus, Bolu has a significant share in winter tourism. Kartalkaya Ski Center, which is one of the most important winter tourism centers, is the most preferred ski resort after Uludag ski resort. There are 5 facilities opened in the region in the winter season and they start to operate in December each year and continue until the middle of April.


It serves a total capacity of 1600 beds.25 runways, the total length of the runway is 40 km. Each hotel offers first-aid and health services on site. Ski equipment can be rented from the premises. The largest Ski racecourse available in Turkey to European standards facility that Kartalkaya, at various difficulty levels, ramps line, and the line passes.

Shahinkaya Canyon Samsun (Şahinkaya)

A long and narrow passage on Kızılırmak, Shahinkaya Canyon (Şahinkaya Kanyon), which is located on Altınkaya Dam Pond and 13 km away from Vezirkopru, reaches 2.5 km in length.

sahinkaya canyon

There are places where the canyon's height exceeds 300 meters. The dazzling effect of Kızılırmak’s blue waters has influenced tourism in recent years and attracts hundreds of visitors. Songs, poems subject to the anger of those who saw the Shahinkaya canyon enchants.

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Samsun Amazon Village

Amazon Village located in Samsun city center, on an area of ​​50 thousand square meters in the Amazon Island! It is thought that the Amazon women live in Samsun Golyazı.

 amazon Village

In the artificial village, there are representative statues, reliefs, sections of their lives, and their belongings. The amazon women who use weapons such as arrows, bows, and double-edged axes are realistic.

Boztepe Ordu

The city was founded on the slopes of Boztepe. Height from the sea is 450 mt. There are many points where you can watch the Ordu City. It is insatiable to watch the famous City view and the Black Sea from Boztepe with its magnificent creeks. 6 km from the center Away.


After the asphalt road works are finished, now it is much more enjoyable than before reaching the top of the hill. As you can go in your car, you can reach the cable car and experience a different pleasure. Social facilities serve with eating and drinking.

Crystal Terrace Safranbolu

Famous for its unique houses and Saffron, Safranbolu also has a Crystal Terrace built up to 80 meters high and 11 meters wide on Tokatlı Canyon, which can carry up to 75 tons. The observation deck made of unbreakable glass, still spooky, the virtual cracking that we see in the video, scares me.

crystal terrace

With a capacity of up to 400 people and a 100 square meter terrace, only 30 people are allowed at a time, the terrace befitting the Tokatlı Canyon is enchanting with its wonderful view.

Valla Canyon-Kastamonu

Valla Canyon is in the content of Muratbashi Village (Muratbaşi köyü) of Pınarbashı (Pınabaşi ilçesi) District of Kastamonu Province. The recently emerging canyon has a very different story of discovery. In 1994, the disappearance of the four students who came here to visit from Istanbul Technical University existed four days later as they came out of another cute district of Kastamonu Cide.

valla canyon

The canyon, which became popular in the media in a short time, entered the top four in the world rankings and became the biggest canyon of our Turkey. This canyon, which has a great interest for nature lovers, has attracted great attention in a short time and has become a place to visit. It is not possible to cross the canyon without any equipment.

Kastamonu Castle

Kastamonu Castle, Kastamonu's fortress, which overlooks the castle Kastamonu hill. The castle was built by the Komnenos in the 12th century as a result of the Turkish raids in the region.

kastamonu castle

The castle, which has been subjected to destruction, has undergone repairs and lost its natural shape. İn Kastamonu castle, cisterns, dungeons, escape tunnels are available. The castle, which underwent its last restoration in 2005, offers a multicultural atmosphere to its visitors.

Limni lake Gumushane

Limni Lake is located in the Torul district Zigana Village in 1700-altitude Saronay Plateau.  In certain seasons of the year, it is possible to come across wild animals such as bear, fox, gazelle, and roe deer.

Rehabilitation Project has been prepared by the Gumushane Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for Limni Lake which has become one of the important tourist areas of Gumushane. The water supply of the lake is strengthened. 10 additional camellias were built to meet the needs of the guests. Bungalow type accommodation facilities are not allowed in Limni lake, which is registered as a type recreation area.

limni lake

In 2005, the lake was awarded to a private enterprise for 20 years. There are pathways around the lake that can be developed as a walking route. Limni Lake can be reached by 2 different routes. The road route to the Zigana ski resort can be used. When this route is used, the distance is approximately 60 km.

7 km from the Zigana ski resort. then the dirt road to the lake is provided. In addition, the old Trabzon-Erzurum highway over the town of Torul approximately 16 km. then the lake can be reached.  When this route is used, the distance between Gümüşhane and Limni Lake is approximately 40 km.

Bird Statue On The Road Amasra

bird statue

Bird Statue Amasra is located on the side of the old road (Antique Road), 4 km from Amasra. You can hike from the center of Amasra or you can easily reach the area by using Amasra public minibusses or with your private vehicle.  There is an eagle carved into the rock and a statue of the Roman soldier. When you come to Amasra, it is definitely a place you should see. Kuşkayası ( Bird Statue)  road monument, which is unique in the world, was used as a place of rest and water supply for Roman Soldiers.


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