Uluabat Lake-Bursa Aglayan Cinar - Golyazi


Uluabat Lake-Bursa  Aglayan Cinar - Golyazi

Bursa Natural Attractions

Bursa, Uluabat lake is actually a lake that is a paradise, although it is very developed in terms of tourism, but cannot attract enough tourists. There are villages around the lake. The most well-known among these villages is Golyazı village. This region is like an ancient paradise. There are many ruins from ancient times around. As the name suggests, local people earn a large part of their livelihood from fishing. The region has also become a stop for migratory birds. Uluabat lake is also very famous for its aquatic products. Carp, crayfish, catfish, and pike are sold almost every day in live fish living pools in the lake or in fish auctions set up in the village square. The lake, also known as Oka or Apolyont, is located in Bursa province. It has an area of ​​13,600 ha. Its height above sea level is 9 meters.

It is fed by Kirmasti Stream and also mixes with Uluabat Stream and Susurluk River. Its deepest point is around 4 meters and in general, it does not exceed 1-2 meters. It gets shallower from its surroundings to the middle part day by day. The bottom is muddy and the water becomes cloudy in windy weather. This is the highest number of waterfowl counted in the lake since the 1970s. Trees trapped in the lake, reeds and thousands of waterfowl covering the sky, storks nesting in every street, and fresh fish coming out of the lake.

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Uluabat Lake

Uluabat Lake Formation

Uluabat Lake is located between the Karacabey and Mustafa Kemal Pasha districts of Bursa. Located 35 kilometers from Bursa city center and 90 kilometers from Balıkesir, the lake is just south of the Bursa Karacabey highway. Uluabat Lake was formed in the tectonic origin of Yenişehir, Bursa, and Gönen collapse extending in the east and west directions in the southern part of the Marmara Sea. It is separated from the bird lake in the same depression by a low threshold.

A large freshwater lake was formed in the collapse of the Bursa Gonen collapse and as a result of the movements that took place in the late Neogene or Quaternary, 4 small tubs were formed in this lake area. The other 2 tubs were filled with alluvium and only Uluabat lake and the bird sanctuary remained

What to Eat in Uluabat Lake?

The aquaculture of Uluabat lake is as well known as possible. You can have a picnic, and order your takeaway food in advance. You can have your meals on the tables on the grass with the products you will bring with you, small restaurants' meals are so tasty. Bursa İskender Kebab is another good option. We recommend Bursa chestnut candy as your sweet.

Bursa İskender Kebab

Places To Visit in Uluabat Lake

In addition to Gölyazı, there are many places to see around Uluabat lakes such as Ayvaini cave, Kocaçay delta, Suuçtu waterfall, Eskikaraağaç village, and Uluabat bird paradise. You can start your tour of Uluabat lake with Gölyazı village on the edge. The connection between the reeds and the coast of the islands close to the coast is provided by a bridge. With the effect of the rising water in the spring months, the trees stay in the water up to their waists. The houses still preserve their nostalgic features. The history of the lake and the village dates back to ancient times. The ruins of the city of Lapedium, which was founded on the island and on the site of Gölyazı village, which was Apolyont in ancient times, are beautiful enough to give you an idea of the magnificence and beauty of the city.

Where to Stay in Uluabat Lake?

There are no accommodation facilities for daily use in Uluabat Lake. But there are many alternatives in Bursa, which is 30-40 kilometers away, or in Karacabey, which is very close. Since there are no hotels around the lake, you can stay in the surrounding provinces. But at the same time, there are individuals who camp around this place from time to time.

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