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Sogut Travel Guide:  Exploring Söğüt/ BilecikTurkey

Sogut Travel Guide: Exploring Söğüt/ BilecikTurkey

Journey to the Fascinating Past and Present of Söğüt and Bilecik

Söğüt/Bilecik resembles a timeless journey where the whispers of ancient tales and tranquil landscapes intertwine and create a unique texture of discovery. Söğüt, considered the cradle of the Ottoman Empire, reveals its rich stories and secrets that meticulously shaped historical periods. Söğüt is a small town located in Bilecik with its breathtaking, tranquil views, inspiring admiration and providing introspection to its explorers.

It served as the capital in the legendary stories of Ertuğrul Gazi, the iconic leader who established an empire whose impressive legacy spanned countless centuries and spread over vast lands. From the majestic Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb to the picturesque village houses, every structure here opens a window to the past world, offering a different perspective on the cornerstones of Turkish history and culture. Complementing the historical splendor, Söğüt/Bilecik fascinates with its exquisite views, lively valleys and heart-warming local hospitality, taking your trip beyond tourism. Whether you are a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or a wanderlust traveler, Söğüt-Bilecik promises indelible adventures that will remain in your memories.

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Exploring the Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb: Embark on a Timeless Journey

Söğüt Sightseeing: Unveiling the Ottoman Legacy and Picturesque Landscapes

Exploring Söğüt: A Confluence of History, Empire, and Natural Splendor

Let's discover Söğüt, a historical fabric woven with complex narratives of empires, intellectuals and natural wonders. Resting within the bounds of Bilecik, Söğüt stands as a testament to the inception of the Ottoman Empire, caressing the epochs from its foundational moments through to the War of Independence. Tourists are beckoned by the myriad of architectural splendors dating back to the eras of Osman Gazi, Orhan Gazi, and Ertuğrul Gazi, offering not only a journey through historical realms but also an exploration of enchanting natural beauty. As you weave through tombs, mosques, fountains, recreation areas, and hot springs, each step offers a glimpse into a rich and layered past, all conveniently located within the district center, ensuring easy accessibility.

The Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb: A Portal to the 13th Century

Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb, located in the Türkmenbaşı District of Bilecik Söğüt district, is like a quiet journey through time A mere five-minute stroll from the town center via Ertuğrul Gazi Street will transport you to this historically rich edifice. While the exact date of construction of the Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb eludes historical documentation, it is widely recognized that Osman Bey, the formidable founder of the Ottoman State, inaugurated it as an open tomb in the 13th century. Serving as a beacon, illuminating the district's deep-rooted history, this revered tomb, attributed to Osman Bey's father, Ertuğrul Gazi, has weathered the passage of time, undergoing restorations and steadfastly standing, echoing the tales of epochs gone by. Upon entrance, you'll be greeted by flags of the Turkish states, symbolizing the rich tapestry of the nation's history.

Enveloped within a lush garden, flanked by whispering trees, the tomb has seen numerous renovations since its inception. The final refurbishment, orchestrated by Abdulhamid II between 1886-1887, has shaped its present stature. While embracing the tranquility of the area, the historical fountains neighboring the building invite further exploration.

Experience the solemnity and legacy of the Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb, free of charge, and immerse yourself in a world where history and nature converse in harmonious resonance.

Ertuğrul Gazi-Sogut - Attractions

Wonders of Söğüt: Dive into the Rich Historical and Natural Attractions

Enchanting Söğüt: A Historical and Spiritual Sojourn: Immerse yourself in the charming hosts of Söğüt, delving deeper into the historical and spiritual landscapes that define this extraordinary region. Discover the grandeur of Hamidiye Mosque, the poignancy of Dursun Fakih Tomb, the rejuvenating powers of Söğüt Çaltı Thermal Spring, and the architectural splendor of Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque.

Hamidiye Mosque: A Harmonious Blend of History and Architecture: Hamidiye Mosque, easily accessible via Kayhan Street, is a testament to the architectural prowess and spiritual respect of the Ottoman period.. Erected between 1903 and 1905 by Abdulhamit II, this striking structure, adorned with two minarets and red-cut stone, is affectionately known to locals as the "Double Minaret Mosque". Showcasing neoclassical architectural nuances and enveloped by a singular dome, this mosque — a pivotal site for faith tourism — beckons to be included in your Söğüt exploration.

Entrance to Hamidiye Mosque is complimentary and welcomes visitors throughout the day.

Dursun Fakih Tomb: A Monument to Spiritual and Political Leadership: Dursun Fakih Tomb, located in Küre Village, approximately 10 km away from Söğüt district center, can be reached on Bilecik Söğüt Road. This historical mausoleum, dedicated to Dursun Fakih, son-in-law of Sheikh Edebali and a pivotal figure alongside Ottoman Empire founder Osman Gazi, has become a magnet for history enthusiasts and tourists alike. Fakih, an influential figure in the empire’s development, was well-versed in hadith and fiqh, contributing substantially to the Ottoman Empire as a scholar.

The Dursun Fakih Tomb offers free entrance, with no specified visiting hours.

Söğüt Çaltı Thermal Spring: A Natural Haven of Healing and Relaxation: Söğüt Çaltı Thermal Spring, located in the Çaltı town, approximately 11 km away from the center of Söğüt and accessible via the İnhisar Söğüt road, provides healing. Though devoid of accommodation facilities, its medicinal waters, warmed to a welcoming 38 degrees, draw visitors seeking respite and healing from both local and international destinations. With its therapeutic waters, said to alleviate numerous ailments, and accompanying cafes for refreshment, it stands as a must-visit locale for daily retreats.

Access to Söğüt Çaltı Thermal Spring is free of charge.

Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque: A Timeless Symbol of Spiritual and Architectural Heritage: Effortlessly accessible via Zafer Street and Osmangazi Street and merely a 3-minute walk from the town center, the Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque presents a rich tapestry of Ottoman architectural heritage. Commissioned by Mehmet I and known colloquially as the "Bazaar Mosque", this rectangular, twelve-domed structure, restored to its current form by Abdülhamit II, invites history aficionados and the spiritually inclined alike to step into a world where the past resonates vividly.

Places to Visit in Sogut-Bilecik

Experience the Ottoman Era: Visit Ertugrul Gazi Tomb & Sogut’s Historic Sights

Söğüt’s Tapestry of History: A Sojourn Through Time and Tradition: An evocative journey awaits you in Söğüt, where historical echoes are seamlessly blended with today's liveliness. We have prepared a guide for you among the interesting destinations in this historical region.

Söğüt Ertugrul Gazi Museum: A Chronicle of the Past: Conveniently situated within the district, the Söğüt Ertugrul Gazi Museum is readily accessible via Dellal Street and Kayıboyu Street. While the construction date of the museum remains enshrouded in mystery, local lore attributed to history aficionados tells tales of its dispatch by Memiş Ağa. After comprehensive refurbishments in 2001, the museum graciously opened its doors to the public, showcasing a myriad of historical artifacts, notably ethnographic pieces belonging to the Yörüks and captivating artifacts from the eras of Osman Gazi, Orhan Gazi, and Ertuğrul Gazi.

Visiting Hours: Open Monday and daily from 08:30 AM to 05:30 PM. Admission: Complimentary.

Söğüt District Governor's Fountain: A Historical Respite: District Governor's Fountain, which is very close to Söğüt and can be reached via Zafer Street, built by District Governor Sait Bey in 1917, stands as the historical symbol of the region. The neoclassical architectural design with four facades and striking gilded motif decorations above offer visitors an aesthetically pleasing and serene locale for reflection. The "District Governor Sait Bey Fountain" welcomes visitors free of charge.

Turkish Elders Monument: Honoring Foundational Leaders: In Söğüt's Türkmenbaşı District, 1.5 km away from the town center, the Turkish Elders Monument takes its visitors on a nostalgic journey through the founding history of Turkey. Easily reached on foot via Ertuğrul Street and in close proximity to the Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb, this area, honoring the founders of the first Turkish state, is a must-visit. Furthermore, it plays host to the "Söğüt Ertuğrul Gazi Commemoration and Yörük Festivals".

Entrance: Free of charge.

Hamidiye High School: An Edifice of Learning and Legacy: Hamidiye High School, which can be quickly reached on foot from Zafer Street in the district center, is a touching reminder of the region's educational and architectural history. Erected in 1905 by Abdülhamit II, this two-story building has transitioned into a library after thoughtful renovations, continuing to serve the community and visitors alike with its rich, storied past. Ensure to include it in your exploration of Söğüt, where each step is a walk through time.

Sogut Natural Beauty and History

Söğüt’s Highlights: Exploring the Ottoman Roots and Natural Beauties

Discover the Enchanting Charm of Söğüt: A Blend of Nature and History: Unveil the tapestry of natural wonders and historical majesties embedded in Söğüt, a district that beckons with its myriad attractions and the close-knit charm of nearby spectacles suitable for delightful day trips. Journey through a realm where each vista and ancient stone whispers tales of yesteryears and natural serenity.

Harmankaya Canyon Nature Park: An Adventure’s Haven: Nestled within Karahasanlar Village in the Yenipazar district of Bilecik, Harmankaya Canyon Nature Park resides approximately 68 km from Söğüt's heart. Crowned a national park in 2013, this natural sanctuary enthralls with cascading waterfalls and mysterious caves, awaiting exploration.

Adventure enthusiasts will find a playground in its terrains, with opportunities for mountaineering, rafting, trekking, and camping amidst the tranquility of nature.

Entrance fee per person: —- TL; Private vehicle entry: —-- TL.

Bilecik Museum: Glimpses into the Past: Situated within the central tapestry of Bilecik and a mere 29 km from Söğüt, Bilecik Museum was transformed from an 18th-century gendarmerie building (built in 1794) into a hub of history in 2007. History aficionados are invited to traverse through time, witnessing archaeological and ethnographic artifacts that bespeak the region's rich past.

Entrance: Complimentary. Open daily: 08:30 AM – 05:30 PM.

Kınık Waterfall: A Symphony of Nature: Approximately 50 km from Söğüt's town center, within the heart of Bilecik, the Kınık Waterfall cascades as one of the city's most beloved natural spectacles. Offering visitors an arresting tableau of nature, it presents an idyllic backdrop for trekking and picnicking, where moments of serenity can be enjoyed away from the urban clamor.

Söğüt’s Limelight in Diriliş Ertuğrul: A Cinematic Tale: Söğüt garnered global attention through its depiction in the season of the TV series "Diriliş Ertuğrul", which dramatizes the genesis of the Ottoman Empire within its terrain. The series showcased a migration to Söğüt, thereby sparking curiosity amongst its audience. Presently, Söğüt, nestled within Bilecik Province, continues to fascinate viewers and travelers alike, evolving from a cinematic spectacle to a travel destination enriched with real-world tales and discoveries.


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