Places To Visit in Söğüt


Places To Visit in Söğüt

Sogut Attractions

Söğüt has many historical places to visit as it is the place where the Ottoman Empire was first established in Bilecik. From the establishment of the Ottoman Empire to the period of the War of Independence, many buildings were built in the region and attracted great attention from tourists. Historical buildings in Söğüt generally belong to Osman Gazi, Orhan Gazi, and Ertuğrul Gazi periods. In addition to historical structures, it also has natural beauties to visit. Among the places to visit, there are tombs, mosques, fountains, recreation areas, and hot springs. Since the places to visit in Söğüt are generally located in the district center, there is no problem with transportation.
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Visit Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb

Ertugrul Gazi Tomb

Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb, located in the Türkmenbaşı District of Bilecik Söğüt district. You can reach the tomb easily because located in the center, which is about a 5-minute walk from the town center, via Ertuğrul Gazi Street.

Although there is no clear information about the construction date of the Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb, it is known that it was built as an open tomb by Osman Bey, the founder of the Ottoman State, in the 13th century. It is one of the buildings that sheds light on the deep-rooted history of the district. The tomb, which belongs to Osman Bey's father, Ertuğrul Gazi, has been restored at various times and has managed to reach the present day. There are flags of Turkish states at the entrance.

The tomb, which has been maintained and repaired many times since its construction, is located in a garden surrounded by trees. The tomb was renovated for the last time by Abdulhamid the 2nd between 1886-1887 and took its present form. When you visit the area, you can also see the historical fountains right next to the building.

You can visit the Ertuğrul Gazi Tomb for free.

All About Sogut/Bilecik

Hamidiye Mosque

It is very easy to reach Hamidiye Mosque, which is located in the district center. You can reach the mosque, which is only a minute walk away, via Dellal Street.

Hamidiye Mosque, one of the important historical buildings of the district, was built by Abdulhamit II between 1903 and 1905. The building, which has two minarets, is also known as the "Double Minaret Mosque" by the locals. The outer walls of the mosque, which is covered with a single dome, were built using red-cut stone.

The mosque, which draws attention as a historical building from the Ottoman Period, carries the Neoclassical architectural features of the period it was built. You should definitely add the building, which is of great importance in terms of faith tourism, to your Söğüt list of places to visit.

You can visit Hamidiye Mosque free of charge. It is open to visitors throughout the day.

Dursun Fakih Tomb

Dursun Fakıh Tomb, located in Kure Village of Söğüt district, is approximately 10 km away from the district center. For transportation; You can use Bilecik Söğüt Road.

It is a historical mausoleum belonging to Dursun Fakıh, the son-in-law of Sheikh Edebali and the leg of Osman Gazi, the founder of the Ottoman State. Every year, many tourists from outside the city come to visit the tomb, which is among the historical structures worth seeing in the district. It is one of the places that attract the attention of those who are especially interested in history.

Dursun Fakıh, who played a major role in the development and rise of the Ottoman Empire, received training on important subjects such as hadith and fiqh during his lifetime. Thanks to these pieces of training, he made great contributions to the Ottoman Empire and served as a scientist. Söğüt is one of the places you should definitely add to your list of places to visit.

There is no entrance fee to the Dursun Fakıh Tomb. There are no visiting hours.

Söğüt Çaltı Thermal Spring

Söğüt Çaltı Thermal Spring, located in Çaltı town of Söğüt, is approximately 11 km away from the district center. For transportation; You can use İnhisar Söğüt road.

Söğüt Çaltı Thermal Spring is one of the popular places in the district with its healing waters. There is no hotel or any  accommodation facility there. For this reason, it is more suitable for daily visits. Every year, many local and foreign tourists from outside the city come to the region with the intention of finding healing.

The hot spring water has a temperature of 38 degrees. In addition to being medicinal, it is also consumed as drinking water. It is said that it is good for many ailments such as gynecological diseases, chronic diseases, herniated discs, skin diseases, rheumatic diseases, and stomach diseases. There are cafes in the area where you can meet your eating and drinking needs. You can use from Söğüt Çaltı Thermal Spring free of charge.

Celebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque

It is extremely easy to reach the Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque, located in the town center. You can reach the area, which is about a 3-minute walk away, via Zafer Street and Osmangazi Street.

Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque is one of the historical buildings with the architectural features of the Ottoman Period. The reason why the name of the mosque is Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque is that it was built by Mehmet I. Reflecting the deep-rooted history of the district, the mosque is also known as the "Bazaar Mosque" by the locals.

The mosque, which was built in a rectangular form, has a total of 12 domes. It was restored by Abdülhamit II and took its current form. It is one of the places visited by history lovers. The mosque, which has great importance in terms of faith tourism, is among the places you should definitely add to your list of places to visit in Söğüt.

You can visit the Çelebi Sultan Mehmet Mosque free of charge.

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