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Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake Attractions

Bafa Region dates back to 2000 years ago, Bafa Lake has a geography where archaeological values ​​are lived. İt is known as the hometown of the famous philosopher Heraclitus, one of the pioneers of ancient philosophy. Also, it is close to major tourist centers such as Bodrum, and Kusadasi. Moreover, Bafa Lake is the largest lake in the Aegean Region, Indeed, it is the icon of nature in the region.

Transportation To Bafa Lake

The best alternative for the Aegean region trip starting from Istanbul is Car Rental With Driver. If you want to reach Bafa Lake by air, you can choose Bodrum or Izmir airport, call us for the Bodrum-Izmir Airport Transfer service.

Heraklia Ancient City/ Bafa Lake

Where Is Bafa Lake

Bafa Lake is located in the province of Aydin and Mugla, it has been filled with alluviums carried by the Menderes River since the late Antiquity. Moreover, the Gulf of Latmos has been disconnected from the sea and turned into an inner lake towards the end of the Middle Ages. Bafa Lake is located southeast of the Buyuk Menderes River delta, which was declared Lake Bafa Nature Park in 1989.

Heraklia Ancient City

The ancient city of Herakliya was a coastal city with an important geographical climate where olives, grapes, and figs were grown in the Mediterranean region. In 2000, the ships of the Roman Empire approached the hierarchy of the famous port on the Aegean coast. Heracliya thus separated from the sea and remained on the shores of Bafa Lake. The deepest part of the lake is 25 meters and there are also four islands overlooking the ancient city of Herakia.

Besparmak Mountains (Latmos Mountain)

Rising from the shores of Bafa Lake, the Besparmak Mountains (Latmos Mountain) have been home to thousands of years of history, including rock paintings dating back to 8,000 years, cave frescoes from the Christian era, Yediler Monastery, Kiselik Monastery, the Arabian Courtyard Monastery, and the Sobran Castle. Today, daily tours are held in the area of this ancient place.

Bafa Lake Olive Farm

The area around Bafa Lake where Mediterranean vegetation is covered with olive groves and pine forests. Almost a large part of the lake is covered with olive trees. The oldest known olive tree, about 2,000 years old, lives on the edge of Bafa Lake.

Today, there is a virgin village by the lake which is not known by its name. Kapikiri Village is a tiny village of 300 inhabitants located in the ancient Herakleia, surrounded by huge rocks and small meadows. Transportation to the village where nature, history, sea, adventure, and entertainment intersect is convenient. The way to go to the village is Just to follow the asphalt road10 km and turn left across Bafa Lake

Life Around Bafa Lake 

The village at the foot of the Besparmak Mountains lives on tourism, agriculture, and animal husbandry. You can see the traces of the ancient period everywhere when walking through the narrow streets of the village built in the ancient city of Herakleia. The Byzantine Castle, which is located on the top of the village and was built around the 8th century AD, is another living historical place in the village. Also, it is the best place to watch Athena Temple, Besparmak Mountains, and Bafa Lake from above the castle.

Kapkiri Village

Things To Do in Bafa Lake

Things To Do in Bafa Lake

In terms of tourism, this region is a wonder of history and nature, with photo-safari on the Gneiss Rocks of Besparmak Mountains and canoeing on Sercin Lake. It is the biggest lake in the Aegean region, located near Milas district 5-kilometer canoe trail that covers the rocky shores and the islands. Spring and September are ideal times for canoe tours. You should never miss walking around the ruins of the ancient port of Herakleia, and the magnificent Caria City.

Islands In Bafa Lakes

Bafa Lake, which is known as the place where the moon goddess Selene falls in love, there are Menet Island, Karga Asari Island, İkizce Island, Kapikıri Islands, and Byzantine monasteries, a defensive fortress. A tour of Bafa Lake can be taken by a boat departing from the village of Kapikiri founded in the ancient city of Herakleia a thousand years ago.

Bafa Lake Churches ^ Monasteries

There are churches and monasteries of the Byzantine Period in the cape and islets by the lake. The monastery of the Virgin Mary on the İkizce Islands to the north of the lake is from the Byzantine period. As you walk along the paths, you see rock tombs carved into the bedrock. İkizce Island, which has the most beautiful beach on the lake, can also be given a swimming break according to the season's suitability.

Bafa Lake Caves

Founded at the foot of the Besparmak Mountains called Latmos in ancient times, the rocks around Kapikiri Village on the shores of Bafa Lake are full of prehistoric paintings. There are 180 caves in the region. Some of it goes back to 8,500 years ago.

Bafa Lake Hiking

The serving village is a fishing village located on the western shores of Bafa Lake, visitors can walk to the Sercin Barracks starting from the Bafa Lake and go through authentic village trips.

The perfect location for short rock climbs is in Bafa. There are 400-500 climbing points. Especially for nature sports lovers. Ecotourism-supported tourism activities project covering Kapikiri, Golyaka, and Pinarcik villages around Bafa Lake is hopefully promoted successfully

Camici Lake

Camici Lake is another name for Bafa Lake is one of the most beautiful places of natural life and one of the most important bird sanctuaries in the Aegean region. Today, more than 224 species of birds live in and around Bafa Lake such as Waterfowl Spoonbill, Little Grebe, Bahri, Cormorant, Crested Pelican, Spurred Lapwing, Clumsy Mike, and Flamingo can be traced. Also, it is possible to see wildlife such as bears, lynx, reed cats, jackals, foxes, squirrels, badger, rock marten, arrow hedgehog, and snake species.

Visitors can take tours for 2 or 3 days at the top of Latmos Mountain (1375 meters). One of the most beautiful views you can enjoy is the fascinating Bafa Lake view at sunrise and sunset, in various shades of purple. In the past, the mountain was one of the most important centers of temples


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