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Sile & Agva Attractions

Sile & Agva Attractions

Sile & Agva Tour

Ağva is a holiday resort connected to Shile (Şile), which is the coastline of Istanbul to the Black Sea. Şile and Ağva, which are one of the most preferred places to visit and spend time close to Istanbul, have a magnificent natural beauty, Göksü and Yeşilçay rivers pass through Şile and Ağva and pour into the Bosphorus in the Anatolian Fortress of Istanbul.

Şile and Ağva, which are almost the resting points of a stressful city like Istanbul, are the ideal spots to escape the crowds and get away from the traffic of the city. You can use the Cab Istanbul private transfer service to see Agva, rivers, beaches, coves, and all-natural beauties, or you can rent a car with a driver and make a daily tour of Şile and Agva.

Şile & Agva Tour

Discover Şile & Agva

Shile (Şile) is a district of Istanbul located on the Black Sea coastline, 70 km from Istanbul. Border in the northeast of the Marmara Region, Chile has an extraordinary location surrounded by Kandira in the east, Derince and Gulf (korfez) in the south, Pendik and Gebze in the south, Cekmekoy in the southwest, Beykoz in the west.

Tourists and locals are attracted to the Sile coast and sea, the Shile region is the best option to spend the most fun of holidays. Sile Castle, Sile Lighthouse and Historical Sile Houses, Hatice Hanim Fountain, Ottoman Bath, and Church ruin, Yenikoy’s Baptistery and Sarikavak, and Heciz Castles are among the places worth seeing in Sile, especially in Agva.

Green Backyard of Istanbul 

Sile is one of the oldest discoveries in Istanbul, serving as a shelter for the Christians who escaped from Roman oppression to Sile's caves. The Şile district has been named Aschil, Philae, Artane, and Kilia in the past.

The Lighthouse of Sile is the vastest lighthouse in Turkey, island castle of Sile, Yenikoy, bridges, fountains, and ruins of the church are the foundation of the Greeks in Sile. The first name that comes to mind when Şile is mentioned is the Hatice Hanım fountain. This fountain was built by an Egyptian woman named Hatice Hanım. Also, there is another called the Kabakoz Fountain, which was built by the Byzantines in 1871, this fountain is one of the most famous fountains in the region.

-Many tourism agencies organize daily tours to Sile and Agva. It is priced at $40/50 USD per person. We, as Cab Istanbul, provide tour service to Ağva-Şile by renting a car with a local driver who can speak English and who has command of the region.

Agva Beaches & Bays (Coves)

Agva Beach - Kurfalı Beach Beach -Sardala Bay -Weeping Rocks Park (Ağlayan Kayalar Park) - Kilimli Bay - Hacilli Waterfall Camping Site - Akçakese Beach -Bagırganlı Beach - Seyrek Beach

Ağva is a holiday resort connected to Şile, which is the coastline of Istanbul to the Black Sea. It is one of the places close to Istanbul where you can stay in touch with nature and relax

Agva (Agva)

Agva (Akhva) is a charming seaside town in the middle of the Goksu and Yeshilchay (Yeşilçay) rivers.

Agva is located in the north of Istanbul. Throughout history, Roman and Ottoman civilizations, such as the 

Hittite, Phrygian, and the crossing point of Agva, literally means 

"village between two streams" and "water" in Latin. Agva is an 

indispensable weekend destination of the Marmara region, with its proximity to Istanbul, you can take a canoe or sea bike ride to Goksu and Yeshilchay streams pouring into the Black Sea and take a few hours boat trip. At night you can stay at hotels on the Goksu coast. Hacilli (hagyly) Village, 12 km from Agva, is famous for its caves and waterfalls. Kilimli and Kadırga Bey are very convenient for walking.

Ağva, which is one of the most ideal spots to escape from a crowded city like Istanbul, is like a paradise with its rivers, beaches, coves, and all-natural beauties. If you live in Istanbul, you should definitely visit it in order to breathe fresh air and find peace. Ağva is also full of people who want to get away for the day, especially on weekends.

Discover Şile & Agva Beaches By Drone

Sile Lighthouse

Sile Lighthouse is an iconic structure of the district, which was built in 1859 during the Ottoman Empire in 1859 on 60 m high rocks. It is one of the two lighthouses providing coastal security in the Black Sea with a history of 156 years. You can also visit the Sile lighthouse, which serves as a museum today.

Sile Castle

Sile Castle (Sile Ocakli Ada Castle), built by the Genoese and used by the Ottomans, Sile Castle was built for surveillance of 100 m2 wide and 12 m high against attacks from the sea. The castle, which is a small clock castle next to Şile Harbor, is another landmark of the region. The previously unknown castle is full of visitors today.

Sile Beach

Located in the center of Şile, the beach is an ideal place for those who do not want to carry a lot of belongings with them. Everything is available on the beach! It is possible to meet many other needs such as a buffet, restaurant, sun loungers, and umbrellas. The beach is very rough, especially on weekends, as it is very popular. We recommend that you go to a beach early in the day. You will enjoy yourself a lot while swimming in the calm and quite shallow sea. ''Sunbathing and reading a book will relax your soul''

Şile Light House

Agva Lighthouse

Ağva Lighthouse, located at the junction of the Yeşilçay river with the Black Sea, is one of the most pleasant and frequented places in Ağva. Especially on a windy afternoon, sitting by the lighthouse is wonderful! The sound of the sea hitting the rocks and the gentle wind blowing on your face… You will definitely get rid of all your stress and spend a day full of joy. We wouldn't be wrong if we say that the lighthouse, which is one of the most ideal spots to watch the sunset, stands out as the symbol of Ağva. Şile and Ağva are the most beautiful summer areas close to Istanbul. When we go on vacation, mostly we have a lot of luggage, or sometimes because group members make it easier to get a professional transfer service.  Click below for Istanbul to Agva/Şile transfer or Agva/Şile to Istanbul transfer service

Crying Rock  (Aglayan Kaya)

Crying Rock is a water source emerging from stones. The name of the weeping rock is similar to the flow of tears because Crying Rock is one of the natural beauties of Sile. Located 10 km from the city center and 60 km from the shores of the Black Sea, the charming Aglayan Kaya is 600 meters behind the Sile lighthouse.

Agva Green Park / Caravans Camping

Green (Yeşi)l Park, one of the biggest camps in Turkey, is for a great ride and being with nature. You can stay in the park, which has 100 caravans and tents, as it is suitable for you with your own tent or caravan. You can also choose from your own options, stay in camping or climatic zone caravans and tents. At the same time, within the camping area; There are services such as cafes, markets, TV, and a playground for children. Especially the special delivery of the week will love the live music.

Şile Castle Drone

Kumbaba (Sandfather) Hill

Kumbaba (Sandfather) Hill is one of the most important tourist places in Şile. It is an area of red and orange-colored sands on the hill. It is also said that the sands contain. Kumbaba Tomb is good for many diseases in the region. According to the story of Kumbaba, who discovered that the sands were good for healing diseases. The hill was named after him and he was buried there. The hill, which is 2 km away from Şile, consists of iron-copper alloy and radioactive sands and has been used in the treatment of rheumatism patients since the Byzantine period.

Gurlek Cave

Gurlek Cave, which is a place worth seeing with the view of the cave entrance and the stalactites inside, was a shelter for Christians in ancient times. Gurlek cave was first discovered in 1985 by the teacher of Hacilli Village, Osman Yardimci, and then it was under investigation by archaeologists. During the excavations, human bones were found along with daily items from the 3rd and 4th centuries.

The cave is a magnificent natural structure with its giant stalactites and rock forms. When you come to the cave, we definitely recommend you come and explore with a suitable team. It can be a little dangerous for amateurs. Also, reaching the cave is not as easy as you think. Since the roads are difficult, it is useful to come up with a vehicle suitable for the terrain.

Healing Sand in Sile

Best Ağva and Şile Beaches

Ağva Beach

With its long coastline, it is the number one address for those who want to take a walk on the beach. No matter how crowded it is on weekends, it is always a preferred beach. Especially in summer, swimming in the ice-cold water will cool you down and help you get rid of the heat a little bit. Ağva Beach, which is a very comfortable beach, also includes the services and facilities you need. Note: The sea is quite choppy.

Karacakoy Beach

Known as one of the most beautiful beaches of Şile, Karacakoy Beach is a natural harbor consisting of two capes. The beach, which is preferred by families with its calmness, is also a frequent destination for excursionists, especially in summer. There is a small business on the beach and you can easily meet your needs such as toilets, showers, buffets, sun loungers, and umbrellas from this business. Although the sea is a bit deep, it pleases the visitors with its clarity. There is also an area for campers on the other side of the beach and you can either take your tent or come with your caravan and camp.

Kurfalli Alti Beach

If you don't like crowds and want to spend a quiet and calm day, this is the place for you! Starting from the part where the Goksu stream empties into the sea and ending on the rocks at the western end, Kurfallı Altı Beach has a long sandy beach. The beach, which is one of the best places to swim in Agva, consists of fine sand.

There is also a camping area in the middle of the beach and you can camp here if you wish. You can even rent sun loungers and umbrellas here. There are cliffs with the same name towards the end of the beach and these cliffs are called dead cliffs. These cliffs; It is in an ideal location for rock climbing and angling. Take advantage of these benefits of the beach to camp, fish, or just sunbathe and swim. Everything is allowed

Sahilkoy Beach

Sahilkoy Beach, one of the most ideal spots for campers place, formerly known as Domalı Beach, is located on the Şile coastal road. There is a camping area on the beach and offers accommodation as you wish. Those who want can stay in the bungalow houses, and whoever wants can camp by setting up a tent. In addition, services such as food beverages, sunbeds-umbrellas, and showers are also available in this camping area.

Dogancılı Beach

Doğancılı Beach, We can say that is the most famous one among Ağva beaches. There are summer houses on the coastal part of the beach, and that's why it is mostly called the place for summer vacationers. While walking on the long beach, those fine sands will touch your feet, and then you will want to throw yourself into the turquoise sea. Although it is free to enter the beach on foot, vehicle entrances are chargeable. At the same time, you must meet your own needs for sunbeds and umbrellas, food, and beverage.

Sofular Beach

Attracting attention with its fine sand and long sandy beach, Sofular Beach is the calmest (waveless) beach on the Black Sea. Especially shallow sea is very useful for families with children and those who do not know how to swim. You can take a long walk on its long beach or sunbathe for hours.

Since there are no facilities on the beach, do not forget to take your necessities such as eating and drinking and sunbeds and umbrellas with you.

Kabakoz Beach

Kabakoz Beach, which is less known among Ağva beaches, is, therefore, a quieter beach. This place, which is perfect for those who want to get away from the crowd and escape the noise of the city, will allow you to spend a quiet, calm, and peaceful day. It is smaller than the other beaches in Ağva, but it is less crowded as it is not known by most people. Go to the beach preferred by families and romantic couples and listen to the sound of the waves

İmrenli Beach

Imrenli Beach, which comes right after Akçakese Beach, is a little more popular. The fact that it has a long beach and a clean sea is because you are in everything. Perhaps its only flaw is the lack of it. But again, this shouldn't be a huge problem. Reaching the kids, done!


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