Miniaturk Park; Nemrut Mountain, Mardin Houses, Artemis and Rumeli Fortress

2018-02-18 17:09:20

Nemrut Mountain hierapolis

Miniaturk includes the rich architectural heritage of civilizations that left their traces on these ancient lands from ancient of Rome, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman Empire.

sumele manastry

The museum park covered the most famous monuments of Istanbul in one place, where you will have the opportunity to see Blue Mosque, Fatih Mosque, Sulaymaniyah Mosque, the Hagia Sophia Museum, the Roman Citadel, Dolmabahce Palace, Bosphorus Bridge, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge and the historic Galata Tower, installation of Republic in Taksim Square, and Ataturk International Airport.

Rumeli Fortress miniaturk

Miniaturk of Turkey, "Great Little Turkey Model" was selected with Turkey's display of 135 logo 62 of Istanbul, 60 from Anatolia. 13 were selected of the Ottoman lands among thousands of architectural works.

Commagene Kingdomtopkapi palace

Visitors of the museum, without leaving the city of Istanbul, can also see beautiful sights in a number of Turkish cities, where visitors will be able to see the Pamukkale Castle falls in the city of the same name, the historic city of Espados in Antalyatomb of Ataturk (the founder of the Turkish Republic) in the capital Ankara, Grand Mosque of Bursa, grave of Jalaluddin al-Roumi in Konya, clock tower in Izmir, the Mardin stone houses, and Malabadi bridge famous in the city-Diyarbakir.

Malabadi Bridge

malabado bridge 

All statues in Miniturk  are 1/25 of the actual size. Miniaturk is not limited to Turkish culture. It carries the life experiences of the nearby geography, gives the Anatolia its value. Back to Golden Horn three thousand years ago, the park combines traces left by civilizations ruled by peace, tolerance and justice.


cappadocia miniaturk

Miniaturk Park  has bridges, stations, sidewalks, castles, city walls, cemeteries, mosques, churches, temples, palaces, monuments and carvings, as well as unique natural formations. There is also the Temple of Artemis and the tomb of Hallicarnassus, considered one of the seven wonders of ancient times.

Miniaturk Park Kingdom of Commagene

All statues in Miniatürk makes you feel as if you are moving all over the country from east to west and from north to south. Of course, it's not the same as seeing them in real, but besides being willing to see the real, it gives feels of quite privileged to enjoy seeing this unique statue

Artemis ephesus turkey

Miniaturk offer an extraordinary service to be able to know all the information and the historyof each statues by the Mobile application. Moreover, it shows the location of the statues in Miniaturk. Furthermore, the application offers audio in 9 languages Turkish, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Japanese and Spanish.

Amasya Houses Artemis

The total area of Miniaturk is 60,000 square meters. Every detail has been carefully designed to provide visitors with full information while having fun at Miniaturk, including an area of 15,000 square meters. 


Besides the statues the park displays Panoramic Victory Museum, Istanbul Crystal Museum, parking area for 300 cars, restaurant, cafeteria, gift shop, exhibition hall, open air show area, children's playground, ferry, remote controlled boat, train, fairy tale tree, mini stadium, chess area, maze area. Also, there is a mini-cinema in the shape of helicopter you can board and have a tour over the skies and among the palaces and the sea of Istanbul

Mardin Houses

shape of helicopter 

The power and beauty of the Miniaturk park came from the civilization of 3,000 years ago. This project is so much an enjoyable by the new generations as well as their parents. The conclusion of the Ottoman Empire and some of the new civilisation is in Miniaturk. It is one of the good destination, specially on coronavirus days (because open area museum) for Turkish people and tourists in Istanbul.

coronavirus days open area museum

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